Interesting tweet re Nwanna??

SIAP . . .

Welp, guess that solves where he decides tomorrow. WPS…Welcome




Can somebody interpret all this Twitter stuff? I have no idea what that says.

Nwanna retweeted and liked it, so…

His coach at Lackwanna tweeted where all his guys are going to college. Nwanna is listed as AR.

Bigboizee! Insiders nailed another one.

I see what you did right there DD!!! Always smiling but in this case, playing it cool but maybe with something up your sleeve!!!

I’m sure he’s coming here but that tweet was sent on the 8th and was referencing where his guys were visiting last weekend

I don’t know about his referencing visits. “Antboogie” is Anthony Whigan and he committed to Penn St in August. So that list could be a commitment list.

Thats what i thought when i seen it. Whigan was visiting Penn St this past weekend