Interesting Tweet from Rakeem Boyd


Respect my decision = bad news for Arkansas

Running backs better get what they can while they can…NFL processes guys quickly when the tread starts running a little low.

I actually agree with you on this

He may be headed to the NFL draft and I sure don’t blame him. I hope he gets signed and makes the cash!

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I think they call it making hay while the sun is shining. Wish him well. He never quit.

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I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with Rakeem. What a nice guy. He needs to do what is best for him. He never quit. Always gave his all.

If leaving is his decision I wish him the very best and thank him for being a Razorback!! WPS

Whatever your decision, thanks for being a Razorback Rakeem!

If he could go for over 1k and average over 6 ypc behind the offensive (pun intended) line we had, he needs to go now. Nothing left to prove.

Rakeem Boyd will be a Razorback forever.

Great player and true competitor.

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He has more than earned his chances in the NFL and did all he could behind a lacking O line.

For such a great kid, I will be disappointed if he stays and risks injury further at personal financial loss.

Would love to keep him of course.

But staying may not be best and he has nothing more to prove and is a respected Hog forever.

He ain’t going nowhere guys. Kendal Briles will be calling plays for him

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Very happy for us and for him!!

to channel Steve Martin, Rakeem has been on a wiillld and cra zey ride for his college career. Anyone who made it as big as him off Last Chance U and Coach Brown has a strong mind. Ought to prove his passing game skill more under Briles than Chud and crew. OL improvement and enthusiasm is hopefully his reward for a decision that is a great recruit for Coach P and crew.

Sure didn’t see that coming. This is like signing a 5 * running back that already is used to the speed of the game and knows where the library is. We just got a lot better on Offense. I think we could even sniff a bowl game next year.