Interesting Tweet from Patrick Beverley to new coach.

Patrick Beverley @patbev21 - Congrats coach. Maybe you can let me train there this summer!!! Would live to get back to the Ville

To me what makes this interesting, and I realize its hard to give context or tone to tweets and/or text messages, my first thought was ‘Were you not welcome to come back before?’ I’ve wondered in the past if we ever had many ex-hogs come back to train in basketball. I’ve seen ex-hogs in track, so evidently its not a university policy that would prohibit it. I’ve not really seen former basketball players. Was that something Anderson didn’t allow? I just can’t see that of him, though Beverly was not his player, still, I cannot imagine Anderson would not embrace former players back unless there was some sort of issue between them.

I’m hoping I’m reading too much into this tweet and there is no issue. Anyone know anything about things of this nature?

I have always felt and still do that Coach Anderson is a 100% class act stand up guy, so this doesn’t make much sense to me. Somebody help me understand.

Its much more likely that he’s trying to keep the door open. I’m betting he’s been able to train here with Mike in the past and would like to continue.

I hope that rights… that makes more sense than what I was thinking. As I said, its damn hard to determine tone and context from a text message / tweet. I like your idea much better than my initial thought. I’ve always felt Mike is a stand up guy so my thought didn’t jive with that. Yours does, so until I hear different, I choose to see it your way.

Thanks for your response.

Patrick has turned into a defensive star in the NBA, I hope the team sees the way he approaches his training and puts it in their mindset.

It was a long time ago, but I recall Patrick left under a pretty dark cloud regarding academic scandal. I have no idea if he’s been back much since then, I’ m sure Dudley would know. If he has not been around much, maybe that’s the reason.

If that old wound has kept Patrick away, this sounds like a good time to bring in a guy who is the walking, talking embodiment of what EM is preaching about putting in the effort to make yourself the best player you can be.

I had exactly the same thought as you did when I read his tweet. But after thinking about it, I concluded it has more to do with what nlrbuzzard pointed out in this thread. I think he stayed away out of embarrassment or he may have been prohibited from being on the campus by a much higher authority than Mike.

There is no issue.

Patrick has been around Fayetteville some since he left.

But he has always trained in LA or other places

All former players have been welcomed

That is good to hear. I would have hated to think that any one in the school administration was holding a grudge for this long.