Interesting turnout for Bielema radio show

I was surprised to see a substantial turnout tonight. There were a few empty seats, but not many.

During the last few weeks of the John L Smith tenure, the entire show was moved to the back part of the room and even then that section was not full.

I think there are a lot of people around town who like Bret, even if they think he needs to move on after this year, and still want to support him while he is in town. I think for some, going out to the Catfish Hole has become a game week tradition and they are going to do it no matter how the season has gone.

You mentioned empty seats. Were there any empty bellies?

LOL, I don’t see how. After all, it is a buffet.

If I were in driving distance, I would have been there for two reasons: (1) to hear what he would have to say, if anything, about the Long firing, and (2) to support him in what has to be difficult days. There should be a certain human compassion for a person, no matter how much he makes, who is about to lose his job. I know he’s compensated well for that, but there are many, many people who work for him that aren’t paid anywhere near that well that will have to find jobs, move, etc. I don’t see any reason to gloat or find glee in the fact that someone is out of work.