Interesting to hear about Catalon’s ejection

Not sure what in the rulebook can “confirm” that call. Sure hope the SEC office overturns the first half suspension next week.


If that was targeting they just need to stop playing tackle football and just wear flags around their waste and play ,
I think I detected a sly smile on Curles as he disqualified Catalon.


What is Catalon supposed to do in that situation…step out of the way and let the guy catch the ball and run for a score? Catalon hit the guy on the right shoulder after the guy went down at the last minute.

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It would be a HUGE surprise if the SEC office does the right thing. They have not so far.

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That call can NOT be confirmed by an person who has eyes and a brain. Thing is HY was weak after the Auburn robbery and he won’t do anything different. I also lost faith in Pittman he didn’t fight for his team today.
I’m sure I will get attacked and don’t care.

When Curles is allowed to do what he did today and Pitt just took it on the sideline. Yeah fines or whatever. Pitt should have been in the middle of the field in Curles face and if he got thrown out so be it. Not enough fight or maybe he just agreed with the call. Mr nice guy doesn’t always work. HY will either not say anything at all or have some weak ass comment. It will continue to happen and is now as bad as the old SWC days. Catalon missing is a big big deal. He’s our best defensive player.

How do you know that Sam and Hunter did not raise cane with the SEC office on the Auburn game.

And how does a penalty and ejection of Sam help?

Look I know guys like you always lay down and never take a stand. What the hell would it hurt? I read his lame ass remarks. I didn’t see Sam on the field in Curles face? Did you?

I saw Pittman lay into Curles after the ejection. Or at least I think he did. You can’t see what is being said behind the mask, but it looked like a one-sided interaction.

It wasn’t enough to make the TV commentators say anything. Just not enough Matt not enough. This same thing continues to happen and Pitt should have went off.

Imagine if Saban had his safety thrown out on that type hit? I bet you would have seen him in the middle of the field and you wouldn’t have to guess if he was mad or fighting for his team. I mean just accepting it and the SEC will back Curles is not changing anything. This is worse than back in the SWC day. Why am I getting my posts have to be approved?

I would be OK if he body slammed the guy…LOL

Not reversing that call was huge. Obviously don’t know if it ultimately cost us the game, but removing our best player from the field had to make things much easier to score that game winning TD. That call, together with the LSU fumble in the first half that Curles somehow ruled against was simply unbelievable.

Curles has a very clear bias against our team, and it has now become unbearable. He obviously has no problem using his position to influence the outcome of our games.

Curles needs to be fired. Suspension is not enough for a cheater. At a minimum, we should file a formal objection/complaint with the Commissioner demanding Curles not see the field for another one of our games - ever. I doubt the SEC will do anything other than fine us for daring to question an official’s integrity (they go out of their way to protect the original conference power teams), but at least we will go on record that enough is enough! And, raise the visability of this issue with Curles.

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IMO, they need to do away with the replays. I often hear the veteran official, hired to be live on broadcasts, be wrong. So why are we delaying the game so much? I am more than fine with Pittman and Yurachek. Last year at this time, I had trouble giving away a suite ticket. So we need to keep perspective.

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Thanks Matt. I am a huge HY fan. Two great head coaching hires so far.

So very happy to see this! Not far enough in my opinion, but clearly supporting our players is a positive step.

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Guys like me? So funny. And our own Matt Jones saw Sam in Curles face. And he made it clear (see Hunter’s statement above) that he’s calling out the refs. He’ll probably get fined for his statement. But he and Hunter have no guts. Sigh…

Publicly berating (much less physically attacking) the referees might feel good for a minute, but it will not help and would ultimately make matters even worse.

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Can’t be any worse than it is now

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sure it can.

Not the way I feel now :grin: