Interesting tidbit

Chuck Barrett is going to call Sunday’s game. It will be his first time in the baseball booth since 2014.

I really like Phil. In fact, I wish he would do football and basketball as well. Chuck is made for baseball, but he’s not very good for football and basketball IMHO.

That’s a pretty good replacement for Phil. And if you didn’t know, Phil calls the Ladyback basketball games.

I think Chuck does a great job at all three sports, but no doubt he’s one of the best there is in baseball.

I enjoy Chuck’s call in all sports. He answers the questions I have as I’m listening. I am comfortable letting him be my eyes and I trust his call.

Bud Campbell set the standard. IMO none will ever be better.

We’ve had some good play by play guys over the years. And Chuck is right up there. Who could not love Paul Eells? I had a friend who was a camera operator at KATV. He loved Paul. Had so many good things to say about him.

I spoke to Chuck this afternoon about his one game back in the booth. Here are his thoughts: … arkansas-/

Will Bubba be joining him on the call?

I met Mr. Barrett last summer in downtown Omaha after game 1 against Oregon State. He seemed like a really nice guy. It will be fun to hear him call another baseball game for a change, although Phil is also a natural in the booth.

Yes, Bubba will be on the radio for all three games this weekend.

Your impression is correct. Chuck hosts several events besides doing the broadcasts. He hosts both football and basketball coach shows. He is friendly and easy to talk to. I got a baseball several years ago (just before he quit calling baseball.) I asked him to sign it. He was surprised, but did so. Then someone suggested that I get all of Arkansas broadcasters and announcers to sign. I’ve done that and it is a prized possession.

Well, I really miss Chuck Barrett calling baseball games. He is very knowledgeable about Razorback baseball and he doesn’t fill up the airtime with gibberish. For years I would listen to the radio while while watching the game. Last year I quit listening half way through the season. Phil is full of gibberish. He thinks he has to be cute on the air all the time. I got so sick of the continuing nonsense about whether it should be called a “foul pole” or a “fair pole” and other such distractions.

Okay just my opinion but I’m expressing it.

This has never been done in my 11 years covering baseball, but we had Chuck’s radio call on the speakers in the press box today and it was a lot of fun to hear him call a game again. I told him that afterward. He said it took him a couple of innings to get settled in today. It sounded to me like he never missed a beat.

I wasn’t able to get the audio on the Gameday app until the game had been on for several innings. I never could get the second game yesterday. That happened most, maybe all, of the second games last year.

The TuneIn app had only the women’s basketball games.

Does anyone know who is in charge of that part of the AD? I have tweeted to Yurachek on several instances when this happened, but he never acknowledges.

It was great listening to him when the streaming finally began.

I enjoy listening to Chuck and Phil. We are lucky to have have them both. Last baseball season I turned my radio on and muted the TV and listened just like I’ve started to do with basketball games this season.

I didn’t try to connect to the Gameday app until the 7th inning (I was asleep until then after working all night) but I had no problem listening to Chuck from that point forward.