Interesting tidbit from Greg Sankey

With the Supreme Court ruling opening the way for legal sports gambling outside Las Vegas, this is gonna have to be addressed. Legal betting means you have to have public information about when key players are unavailable; otherwise the “insider” who heard from the trainer’s first cousin that Johnny has a high ankle sprain has a huge advantage.

But HIPAA and FERPA make that problematic for students; you can only reveal so much information under those laws.

However, if you require an availability report, which encompasses not only injuries but things like suspensions, without specifying why they’re unavailable, that kinda covers that need for public information. And Sankey talked about that today.

Of course, if you get that, and it says Johnny is unavailable without saying why, then you get speculation. But you get speculation now if somebody shows up on the sideline in sweats when they had been expected to play.