Interesting thought about the Title game vs Arkansas' games

I know I’m extra sensitive to the shade that I perceive being toss on Arkansas from national sources and pundits. That being said, just thought I’d mention this…

When Arkansas played a game in the tourney and the score was in the 60s or the low 70s in fact against Gonzaga the actual score was 74-68. Anyways… they all fell all over themselves saying what an ugly brand of basketball, hard to watch, and other similar such statement.

Well here we are and it looks like the UNC vs Kansas game may end with a very similar score. I’ve not heard them mention one time how ugly it was or hard to watch… wonder why?

Sometimes the shade is real.

It’s simple! The blue bloods can play a game in the 50’s and it’s a all time great!
I can’t wait until the NCAA vacates the Natty and Self is fired.

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I’m still waiting for UCLA to vacate 95 title back to us. Cheaters

Nobody was saying that about the Gonzaga game. They were saying that about the NMSU game, and with good reason.

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