interesting thing i heard this morning

ESPN radio i think. of of the 4 teams left, the final four, 20 starters between them, only 2 freshmen.

they were discussing the one and done teams, meaning teams that hung their hat on recruiting the one and done kids. made it to elite 8 which for us would be awesome, we haven’t sniffed that in ages, but they are not in the final four. kentucky and duke were being discussed. they wondered if that template worked in the long run.

of the teams left, 3 hang their hat on tight, physical, straight up defense, defense, and they are virginia, tech, and michigan state.

just found it very interesting.

Prisoner of the Moment. What did they say last year?

This is the Prisoner of the Moment syndrome is beginning to get to me. It is amazing how many times I have heard on the radio or read here that Mike has had 2 to 3 players on the floor who couldn’t shoot during his era. And there are more things like that based on what happened this year.

I guess I’m the only one confused by this reply?

No. I’m confused too.

Upperclassmen make a big difference. What we are is a society that takes an exception, in this case an all world freshmen that gets highlighted on tv after every game, and expects it to be the normal. It’s water under the bridge at this point but I would argue that CMA deserved another year, at least. I get the point that recruiting wasn’t going all that great but this was a young group a players that deserved the chance to grow up a little for their coach.

HY the honeymoon is over. I expect a big time hire - not that you care.