Interesting take on Franks transfer from an outside observer

Watch this guy alot, pretty knowledgeable he is.

I don’t do video. Anyone willing to summarize what he said? If not, I get it, it is my choice not to do video!

Agreed. What’d he say?

lol…and it’s my policy/choice to post links to interesting videos or stories and let the viewer watch/listen to it - or not - for his or herself. I have no interest is summarizing the thoughts of someone else when you can do it for yourself. I’ve already brought the food and prepared it for you…not gonna put a bib on you and then spoon feed you as well.

I listened and will paraphrase…about a 7 minute video by R J Young, a blogger out of the University of Tulsa.

The video was described as being an update on Felipe Franks, a grad transfer to Arkansas – importantly, he noted that Franks truly is a High profile grad transfer…landing at Arkansas.

He noted RG3 as an example of what can be good about a Briles offense, and that Briles knows what he wants and needs to get done at QB. Franks can really run Briles sauce.

Franks can step in a be a QB with an outstanding group of wide receivers. Also noted that the Hogs’ 2019 class was wildly underrated.

On Franks; he can move…and has shown that he can lead in the SEC.

Noted that Pittman was [really] nationally recognized as one of the top OL coaches in America,

Noted that Arkansas was more of a veer and shoot offense, rather than shoot and veer (seen at Kansas).

Noted that the SEC West is a conference in themselves…and he loved it.

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Thank you, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten to where I watch R. J. quite a bit over the last couple of months. Tulsa and OU grad so focus is mostly on Oklahoma, but, like many from Tulsa, keeps up with Arkansas. Since CSP is from Oklahoma, he’s pretty excited about the hire. Just a very sharp sports mind and will talk all things football, no matter the region.

Do you watch TV? just curious.

He said good stuff.

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Not for news as a rule. And if I am watching TV, it is for “video,” Entertainment is different than news. I watch TV shows, sure, But when it comes to the a message board, I want text.

If I happened to click on a news story (for example on Yahoo, etc,) that is just a video and not a written story, I click the back button. Just my preference.

I don’t want to watch, for example, a coaches post game comments. I want a reporter to do a story on the comments, and report it. I don’t want to watch a player interview, I want to read a report from someone like Clay or DD about what the player said, etc. Just me.

I don’t demand that anyone tell me what was said, I just asked if anyone would, Didn’t think it was a big deal. We have had whole threads about how some of us don’t like video stories, we want written one. When Richard post a video report as opposed to a written story, I don’t watch it. Again, just me.

As often as not, I don’t watch the video only either.

I am a lot the same way. I can’t watch the Impeachment Trial live, but I read the reports, highlights, and opinions. Don’t want raw food. I want it cooked and presented well. Not interested in blogs. Like analysis in articles.

I hear ya. I certainly love to read stories. But, I’d rather watch a press conference than depend on a writer to set the mood. Not saying we don’t good writers on here, but Clay may watch the press conference and observe things or take note of things that matter little to me, all the while missing what I care about most. I like to watch and then read a perspective. That’s typically what writing is. A perspective. I don’t mind reading other’s perspectives. That is kinda what this board is. Imagine if you only got to read one persons notes on this message board. I’m also entertained by watching muss’s press conferences.

For what it’s worth, i never watched the video in this thread. I did read daboar’s perspective, understanding that other people in the thread could write a different perspective.

I tried to summarize the blogger’s words and thoughts.

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