Interesting take from the OM Rivals site

Can’t say I disagree with it. DVH got Wick out of there quickly and Scroggins shut them down. Bianco wanted to get a few more outs from Hoglund and it burned them.

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There was no doubt DVH made the right call & wasted no time doing it. I’m not sure Bianco made a bad choice, though. It’s true we were beating him up, but he then went to Miller, supposedly their best reliever, and we beat him up, too. Then he went to his closer in the 5th inning (or was it 6th?) & we beat him up. By the time they got to their 4th pitcher the game was already decided.

One fact I love, though: Even though Bianco has a winning record over DVH, DVH has taken us to Omaha 6 times now. Bianco has made it once. I’ll take Dave when it comes to baseball coaches.

you can tell if wicklander has it pretty quick and it was very evident he didn’t today and DVH made the right call at the right time but man Scroggins was on another level today he made some very good hitters look silly and I am sure they were talking to themselves after the way he carved them up…

We have the better coach, period.

I read some of the Ole Miss blogs…Bianco built the baseball program…some are saying that he’s past his prime and are ready to move on. :frowning:

I would be OK with him no longer their coach. Thenbthwy would sink back into obscurity

When it was prime time DVH made decision to give the hogs the best chance to win! It worked out in that game. Maybe yesterday wasn’t Wicklander’s day but we will need him to win in Omaha! Just like we will need Noland.
Ole Miss and their coach have packed up and headed to Oxford to watch the CWS on TV! Right where they belong. I’m glad we won’t face that same lineup again.
I hope next year we can finally get a road sweep at Ole Miss.
There’s one big difference yesterday in the buoy pens for both teams. Ole Miss relievers looked tired and they weren’t sharp while the hogs relievers had plenty of rest and were fairly sharp! So they can take the runner at Hoover and stick it!

You might have a really good point. I thought their run in Hoover would show up last weekend, but once they got through it with ease, I figured they’d recovered. However, it might have taken enough out of them that it began to show up in more stressful situations. Maybe a week’s rest in June isn’t quite what it is in March.

Ole Miss’ most glaring weakness this season was their bullpen. They blew a lot of big leads late all year. They finished the year with only three bullpen guys they trusted in close game situations. I am not surprised at all that Bianco stayed with his starter as long as he did, simply because he didn’t have enough innings in the bullpen to finish the game. It was a calculated risk, made moot by the fact that Arkansas ended up scoring on everyone they sent out there. It didn’t work out, but it was the percentage play from Bianco’s perspective. Arkansas, on the other hand, had Scroggins, Kostyshock and Cronin all fresh and ready to go, plus we could have gotten an inning or two from Kopps or Vermillion. We had plenty to get to the end of the game, so why risk a big inning with Wicklander, who clearly had no command with his fast ball?

Both coaches made the right call. We just had better players who made plays.

Arkansas had the much better situation in the bullpen yesterday. Ole Miss burned Houston Roth on Sunday, so the only quality relievers left were Austin Miller and Parker Caracci, and Arkansas smacked around both of them.

That being said, I thought Coach Bianco made the right move on Sunday staying with Nikhazy through five to put himself in better shape on Monday and DVH mogjt have left Connor a batter or two too long.

Both are very good managers. One just knows how to get to Omaha better.

I agree with that.

Wonder what it was like for Bianco sitting in his dugout at Alex Box and watching his kid hit a three-run homer to beat him earlier in the year? He wanted no part of coaching his kids and it came back to burn him there too. Something to think about re: Chandler Morris.

Bianco’s home run against Ole Miss was a solo shot in the bottom of the 8th. It provided a final insurance run to secure an 8-3 win. Perhaps Drew Bianco will improve in the coming years (he hit .176 this year), but so far I wouldn’t say he has burned anyone.

DVH has demonstrated a season-long propensity for pulling pitchers quickly if they seemed to be getting in trouble. The depth of the bull pen has allowed that luxury. I have a friend who after Sunday’s game questioned his management of the pitchers, believing we still had a good chance to come back, and wanting to see Scroggins or Kosty thrown in. Hmm, guess coach knows best. That lineup of fresh arms on Monday was incredible. Even though the starter had to be quickly yanked, the #1 reliever was magnificent, and subsequent relief was icing on the cake, curtain calls for the crowd.
Question, possibly better in a separate thread, how much can Noland, Wicklander, et al improve over the summer? We are losing a lot of pitching