Interesting take from Auburn (Story)


So basically, the officials saved Malzahn’s job for now?

This officiating was worse than the 2009 Florida game.


And yet, we are good with it and just shrug our shoulders - as if it’s right.

It isn’t right.


Why do you think we are good with it?

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Well, I’m sure that the front office will “make everything right” on Monday when they apologize and admit it was a missed call. Now won’t that make us all feel better?

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They’ll create a some cylinder rule that says any spike can’t be a backward pass. The thing is it can’t be a spike because of the fumble so will be interesting.

I have seen QB’s fumble the snap when they were going to spike it. They were smart enough to fall on the ball immediately. Pretty sure that doesn’t stop the clock tho.

Because it seems we rarely if ever really protest or care enough to really challenge the league administration.

Maybe because we know the money involved paid to us to comply by the league is better than any other - and we feel lucky to be there.

Seems we don’t want to really know the truth.

That league loves us being fodder for elites and being paid for it.

I’m just bitter after this call.


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Why do you think we don’t protest?

It’s all about 1’s and 0’s…apologies don’t change anything if the result is still a “0”. That said, good - if not great effort Hogs.

Hopefully a complaint will b filed at least. No excuse for this type of incompetence! Fair is fair. Those officials should b ashamed to cash their bonus checks!

Dudley, I was thankful every play that Tank wasn’t given the ball. I’d have run him until they had to carry him off the field on a stretcher. How on earth did anyone ever tackle him in high school? He’s a true freshman, right?

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I haven’t seen the explanation for what was the error the refs made. We didn’t recover the ball. But is the issue that the clock should not have been stopped and Auburn probably would not have been able to kick the FG?

When has a protest EVER changed the outcome of a an Arkansas football game in the SEC?

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He reminded me a little of Trent Richardson. What a compliment.

Scary good.

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Has a protest ever changed the outcome of any game.

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Exactly. So why protest?

They should be suspended for at least 1 game!

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Agree totally. Same old sh–.

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The guy acknowledged it was a bad call, but he gives Ark no respect at all. He still treats us as the team we were the past two years. We might not be in the top half of the SEC, but we’re no longer the pushover we were then. Today we’re a legit SEC team

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