Interesting survey just popped into my email box

UA is trying to find out what the fans would like to buy on clothing, etc.

Choices are the new font “Arkansas”, a 1960’s era non-sleek Hog, the Hog leaning on the A, Front-Facing Hog, Hog Jumping Through the A, the modern sleek Hog, Slobber Hog (yes, Gas, your favorite), an old non-sleek Hog with HOGS on his side, the baseball A, and the new font Razorbacks.

Also asked about preferred colors – cardinal, white, anthracite or a combination thereof. My son would have said anthracite but he ain’t doing this survey.

I got the same one. I bet our answers were similar! :slight_smile:

I haven’t checked my Email but Cardinal and White is my favorite. As long as it’s a Hog I really have no preference. Slobber Hob would be nice!

I kinda got comfy with the cream uniforms that the baseball team has been wearing since the red jerseys got ruined at Georgia.

I answered that I would consider buying anything except the red wolf logo (the front facing hog for the uninitiated.)

Marty, that is what I answered too.

I have never liked the Hog jumping through the A, or the Hog leaning on the A, even though it was the basis for our WebHogs logo back in the day. So I voted those down along with FFH. I’m not great with the old-style scruffy Hogs either with the exception of Slobber Hog.