Interesting stuff on Bo’s show

Dave Bartoo of College Football Matrix
His take on candidates:

B head coach
B+ as coordinator
Great hire if you can get him

Waiting for the Kansas State job

Chad Morris
Awful metrics
Definitely DO NOT HIRE

Like him, but not enough data for the metrics to tell much

“Don’t go there”

The guy he said would be great fit at Arkansas
One Mike Leach
Yes that’s right

And the guy he said would be an A across the board and the home run hire-
Jeff Brohm

Interesting. Wonder what the basis of the conclusions are.

Wonder if Brohm has any contracts in. Texas.

His stuff is analytics

Based on recruiting reach, recruiting spread (as in how a coach builds a roster), player development, and a bunch of other things I don’t recall

Latest is that Brohm is off to Tennessee.

Analytics don’t win ballgames.

Nope. Couldn’t reach an agreement.

They are now after NC State coach.

On Leach, he talked about him winning with lesser talent. I think he mentioned Petrino also doing that.

Like it or not, Arkansas is simply not on the same recruiting plane as most of the other SEC schools. Just a fact.

Snyder’s son is a lock, Venables knows this

He passed and Tennessee is now on Doeren, … ave-doeren

Cant keep up with Tennessee’s antics. Enjoying the Knoxville blues.

"Bielema was tasked with rebuilding the Arkansas program left in the wake of the Bobby Petrino scandal and the forgettable John L. Smith season that ended in a 4-8 campaign. Having to rebuild the roster is one thing, doing it in the nation’s toughest division is quite another, as Dave Bartoo of CFB Matrix pointed out Friday on the Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly.

“By the measures we have here, and we came up with a new one actually in terms of coaching staff, ranking a staff in terms of efficiency versus its talent. I think you have a really good coach there (in Arkansas),” Bartoo said on the air. “(Bielema’s) coach effect numbers were positive at Wisconsin, I think he’s doing a better job of coaching now than he did with the Badgers.

“Numbers aside, everyone is going to want to look at win/loss record but you know his coach effect is over plus-1 game a year. Your last two years your recruiting class by my numbers is about the four-year moving average of the previous four years, so you have a more talented team, you have a coach that coaches beyond the talent for the schedule. You are just in a brutal division with a talent disadvantage. Getting double digit wins, if anyone gets double digit wins there it’s just an unbelievable season.”

While Bielema has yet to reach the lofty goal of a 10-win season in Fayetteville, the Razorback coach found a way to post his first winning record in SEC play last season (5-3) and appears to have set a solid – with an upward progression of talent coming into the program – foundation for years to come. As Bartoo notes, don’t get completely locked in by the overall numbers, Bielema has done an excellent job for Arkansas thus far."

Dave’s take on CBB after JLS.
Dave has little credibilty and is another Bo puppet.

That analysis of Bielema’s job here was spot on at the time.

I believe he said a few things about Kiffin on Bo’s show today, too.

He said Kiffen was a “bloody tornado” that left destruction everywhere he went

His stuff is very much what the movie “Money Ball” is based on. Applying values to everything measurable in CFB. VERY interesting stuff! He’s really very close on his readings. When we got BB he was telling us “-2 coaching effect and -3 recruiting, you might win at first but the coaching and recruiting will collapse”. Well, sure enough…