Interesting stuff from podcast

At around the 14 minute or so mark, Taylor McGregor relates a conversation with CSP where he shared that while talking to the team this year, it was the first time in his career that he felt that not all of the team was listening to him. Some of the players were listening to other (negative) voices in the program. She gave the strength coach as a hypothetical.

Maybe that helps understanding his downbeat tone in last week’s press conference.

Got to get rid of that cancer… will ruin your team if you don’t


Possibly why a players hits the portal then changes his mind and is told to hit the street?

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WR ur referring to?

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That explains some things. While he did not totally blow it up to start over, he did cut out or let go some cancer go. Needed to be done

The usual acknowledgment of leaders in the locker room was absent this year. CSP made the decision for Odom to leave the press box to down to the sidelines hoping to energize the defense. Some of the comments coming from CSP in the postseason indicate a less than satisfactory level of communication between himself and players with a clear slowness in player feedback. I would think he might want this improved this situation where the feedback from players was more immediate and fewer surprises.

Yes, Red, I was also thinking CSP told Odom it would be best to chase his dreams rather than to stay.

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