Interesting story about visiting locker rooms in College Football (WMS mention)

That’s not good publicity for WMS or Arkansas.

I remember when this article came out a couple of years ago. It wasn’t good then but not sure If any harm was done.

War Memorial spent $950,000 this year to renovate the visitor and official locker rooms. It will spend up to another $950,000 to upgrade the home locker room by the next time Arkansas plays there in 2021.

Was with a crew that officiated the 3a state championship game in 2012, unbelievable how small the officials dressing room is/was at WMS and that’s with a five man crew, they need some upgrades.

Agree, Dudley. Then again, most everyone comes off poorly in that article.

Leach telling Jackie Sherrill he was “impressed” with the scary visitors locker room in Starkville was hilarious.

As for me I’m still PO’ed about the elevator in Auburn getting stuck with several Arkansas assistants keeping them from the locker room at halftime.

And the wussification of America continues. Harbaugh is a _____.

Marcus Spears could also be describing the visiting side men’s room at death valley. Was there in 01 and 03. Awful.

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