Interesting stat

Found this tidbit in a College Basketball column…can’t provide a link to the source because it is behind a pay wall (and one I don’t pay to access), but I assume it’s accurate.

“Arkansas is outscoring opponents by 21.31 points per 100 possessions in the 216 possessions with Black, Smith and Council on the floor together, according to Pivot Analysis.”

And that was before the blowout win over Georgia, in which they all played together quite a bit.


That trio will score a lot but the way they open up the floor and assist like crazy for Walsh, Graham, the Mitchells, etc. to operate is even more exciting.

…and you KNOW Muss is aware of that stat.

Great find Wiz.

Found another very interesting stat on Pomeroy. Makhi is 33rd in the nation in offensive efficiency. #1 is Zach Edey of Purdue. Didn’t expect we’d get that from one of the twins, that’s for sure. Part of that is shooting 67% from the floor, which he is. He’s #2 in the SEC in efficiency, behind a certain accessory to murder in Tuscaloosa.

The least efficient player in the SEC? Justice Hill.

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