Interesting Stat(s) on Arkansas Shooting

2014-2015 we were 1st in 2PA and 4th in 3PA (1st in total FGA(61.3)) (1.27 PPS)
2015-2016 we were 1st in 2PA and Last in 3PA (1st in total FGA(62.3)) (1.26 PPS)
2016-2017 we are 2nd in 2PA and Last in 3PA (2nd in total FGA(62.6)) (1.33 PPS) (side stat: This year KY is averaging 8 more attempts (70) than 2nd place (AR) (62), which is the total distance between 2nd and 14 (54)).

We certainly don’t live and die by the 3. For the last 3 years, we have played as fast as anyone, getting shots up, and they are disproportionately 2PA over 3PA. We have also increased attempts per game each year over that stretch. And this year is our best PPS. (I realize we haven’t entered SEC).

I’m not sure what all it means, but I though these numbers might surprise some fans.