Interesting Stat on Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen’s name seems to pop up a good bit every year for big time job openings. His 9 year SEC record is 32 & 37. His best year was 6 & 2 with Dak Prescott. No agenda… just listening to announcers during Bama game talk about him, and decided to look it up.

Look at Ms state before he got there.

He’s about 2-15 vs ranked teams. That’s an interesting stat.

He’s giving Bama all they want right now. I’d take him in an instant. He is the real deal getting it done at the hardest place to recruit to in the SEC - IMO.

Mississippi produces a lot of talent and their location is better in terms of local talent. And, they know where to spend their money. They land some stud DL and LBs.

Leo Lewis had big $ offers to go to LSU and OM and he’s starring for MSU.

Mullen is good. MSU is by no means a blue blood. But his hiccup has been barely beating many good teams at all.

Mullen is a fine coach

And would be huge coup if he came here.

Less than lateral move at the moment

If I thought there was any chance at all, he would be my number 1. No way he makes that move.

Although I once heard Florida for Mullen I wonder why you think there is no chance he would come here?
This Arkansas inferiority complex of some fans weighs on me.
Watching the replay of the SEC Cross Country Championships was such a pleasure, hearing of the dominating history of that fine program. It shows that the right coach can attract top athletes to wonderful Fayetteville.
DVH is showing the same in baseball. Eddie and Nolan the same in basketball.
The very idea that a good coach would not want to come here is a joke. And the thought they would rather be in Starkville is hard to defend no matter how deep your self loathing is.
Now Mullen may be comfortable and secure there and for that reason he would stay. But to think he would not come here because it just sucks so bad is totally without merit.
I am not saying Saban would leave that cesspool state of Alabama or someone would choose Arkansas over Ohio State, but there are plenty of good coaches that would love to come to Arkansas. And if CBB is cut loose, because for whatever reason his team hasn’t enough heart for four quarters of football, then we will see a good coach happily come in.