Interesting situation for "Coach Bro"

A few months back, in advance with Tech’s game against OU, CKK was quoted as saying that he’d draft Murray as the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Fast forward to today and - guess what? - he now coaches the NFL team with the top pick in the Draft. So will he put his money where his mouth is? … 09181.html

Speaking hypothetically as a college coach is a lot different than actually being in position to take the No. 1 pick. In Arizona he has an owner and a GM who will have as much - if not more - of a say in the matter, not to mention the Cardinals selected Josh Rosen 10th overall last year.

Cardinals are not going to draft Murray or any other QB at #1 unless they were to trade Rosen, and that ain’t happening. Obviously they have problems at a lot more areas than QB. What they might do is trade down to someone who does want Murray at #1 for multiple picks/players.

Murray is a brilliant college QB, but I’m not sure he will even be a good pro QB. The hype seems to assume he will be Russell Wilson on steroids.

His size has to be a concern. These young, mobile NFL QBs tend to be a lot bigger and stronger. Murray is tiny compared to Mahomes, Prescott or Watson.

He appears to be even smaller than Wilson. More importantly, the system he played in does not give you any way to judge if he can be as smart a QB as Wilson or the other notable short QB, Drew Brees. At his size, he has to learn quickly to use his head and not depend on his feet and arm to get him out of jams.

My concern would be that his career as an NFL QB will be short and exciting, and that he will have trouble staying on the field. I think he would be a huge risk as a high first round pick. And that is without even considering the baseball angle.

What happens to the 4.7 million dollar signing bonus he received from baseball if he plays in the NFL and jumps MLB?

He would have to return it, unless they allow him to play both sports.

Long obviously didn’t cut that deal…

OK Swine . . . time to eat some crow . . .


Here is a picture for both of you. One can serve and one can dine. :slight_smile:

Well, they could still trade Rosen, and probably will. But in the weeks since then, it’s become pretty obvious that Kliff was gonna take Murray no matter what.

However, since they haven’t traded him yet, I’ll have some Worcestershire sauce with my crow.

For anyone to suggest that they know what an NFL team will or won’t do as far as draft picks is about as difficult to predict which exact 1-8 seeds in the NCAA Tournament will get upset in your bracket. It’s a crapshoot, plus we don’t have inside knowledge of what the NFL team views as its highest priorities for its roster moving forward in hopes of building a Super Bowl Team.
Basically, it’s a senseless exercise although a bit of fun.

Go Hogs!

And, right on cue, Arizona trades Rosen to the Dolphins. Order was out of whack, but it happened.

Arizona and Kingsbury putting all of their eggs in one basket, which will mean revamping the offense to utilize Murray’s skill set and hopefully keep him upright.

Even though they traded him, it’s still crow pie for you SF . . .

" . . . unless they were to trade Rosen, [color=#0000FF]and that ain’t happening[/color]."

Just busting on you a little bit. You certainly weren’t alone in your thinking, especially at that time.

I hope they both fail spectacularly. I’ve never been a fan of Coach Bro, even before his beef with Bret. And, as exciting as he can be, I just don’t think lil Murray is going to move the needle much in the NFL. He may prove me wrong, but I don’t see it.

Maybe it’ll be kind of like Pate Maravich and the Jazz back in the day . . . lots of people came for the show, and Pete often scored 30 or 40 points. But their teams weren’t around to watch come playoff time.

True, and as I noted earlier in the thread, since I made that prediction, it became obvious that Coach Bro was going to grab Murray no matter what. And I don’t suppose it should surprise anyone that the Cards screwed up by not trading Rosen before the draft when there were more teams in the QB market, and thus more demand.

How would you rate KK’s first year?

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Up and down. I don’t think anyone thought KK/Murray were going to lead them into the playoffs, and they haven’t. But KM’s had a pretty good rookie season, all things considered (especially his lack of weapons around him) and he’s getting mentions for offensive Rookie of the Year. His completion percentage is going up as the year has progressed, his number of interceptions is going down. The main reason the Cards suck is their defense, not the Air Raid offense.

I don’t think Murray is the solid athlete that Lamar Jackson is or a M Vick. If Murray’s legs give way quickly to the pro league, I feel he’ll be done quickly.