Interesting series of tweets

From Kendall Rogers at D1Baseball Wednesday night. Apparently last time the Texas job came open they came very close to hiring Paul Mainieri from LSU. Another unnamed high-level coach’s family took a secret trip to Austin to check out the EOE facilities, but he’s not spilling the beans on whom (although he did say it wasn’t DVH or Tim Corbin). The Fallopians also courted Pat Casey of Molester State and John Savage of UCLA.

Kendall said if you were going to rank elite CBB programs, Vandy and LSU would both be above us (they have CWS titles, we don’t), but not by much, and you generally wouldn’t leave one elite job for another one. Which is why they wound up hiring David Pierce from Tulane, which isn’t elite now if it ever was; the Greenies’ last CWS visit was 2005.

David Pierce was only at Tulane for two seasons. He was best known for being Wayne Graham’s assistant coach for about a decade. Rice began to go downhill after he left.