Interesting RPI tidbit

Not where we’re ranked (19th on NCAA list), but in the supporting information.

The NCAA is notoriously tightlipped about its tweaks to the basic RPI formula, which is what has created the market for all these RPI simulations sites like Warren Nolan and But one thing they do list is the schedule breakdown – home record, road record and neutral-site record.

Right now the official NCAA RPI page lists our home record as 9-0, road as 0-1 and neutral as 2-0. Which means they count North Little Rock as a neutral site. Yet WMS is considered a home game in football. Hmm… This is actually of some importance for RPI purposes because we get more credit for a neutral site win than for a home loss, and less deduction for a neutral site loss than a home loss. So we get more credit for beating Sam Houston in NLR than we would in BWA. The multiplier is thought to be about 0.6 for a home win/road loss, 1.4 for a road win/home loss, and 1.0 for neutral sites regardless of win or loss. Nobody knows the exact multiplier, which is one of their secret tweaks.

Was it or WMS game ever considered a “home” game. I know that was one of the arguments in the GSD. We payed $100,000 to an opponent to come to LR and be the “home” team. Taking even more revenue from the school. I also remember a time or two while the BBALL Hogs played in LR, that they wore red, and the other team wore white. I understand those of us that lived in Central AR considered it a home game, but is it always? Wouldn’t that be the definition of a “neutral” site game, kinda like playing Texass in Houston, or Kansas in KC?

The deal was La Tech needed home games that would get more than 15,000 fans to maintain their attendance average which was a requirement at that time to keep their FCS status. So we agreed to play them in LR a couple of times, let them count that as a home game for attendance purposes, and we sold the tickets and kept the money; the finances were the same as a rent-a-win on our home schedule.
Right now if you look at the NCAA football attendance figures for 2016, for instance, it lists seven home games for us. We played six in RRS, one in LR, one in JerryWorld which is neutral, and four roadies including TCU. So yeah, WMS counts, except for the weird deal with La Tech.
I remember the UA women had a neutral site game in NLR with OU in December 2014 that was scheduled as such, part of a Big 12-SEC challenge. I can’t remember the men doing anything similar.

I don’t think it was La. Tech you are thinking of (but the rest of the post is correct in my opinion). I think it was ULM or the other Louisiana mid major (can’t think of their name).

Nice catch, last year they had it counting as a home game. If the official NCAA site labels it a neutral site game, then that’s what it is. I hope it stays that way and not an error. Like you said we got more credit for a neutral site win rather than a home win.


NCAA does not have a category for an in-state, non-home game other than neutral or road. As you know, some sites are more neutral than others. I don’t believe it should be called a neutral game unless both teams’ fans have truly equal likelihood of obtaining tickets.

You are correct. Wrong North LA school.

I don’t disagree. I looked at Florida’s listing on the same page. They list 9 neutral games. All but one were played inside the state of Florida.

Florida’s home arena was under construction, just reopened. Now they probably have to play a lot of home games in future years to pay for it.

Yeah, I know about the renovation. The O-Dome needed reworking, but it’s a bit surprising that they reduced capacity by 1500; it’s not like they had a lot of excess capacity to begin with. Something else interesting, though. It appears that Florida’s game against North Florida is being counted as neutral site, and it was played in Jacksonville – in UNF’s gym. I think that would count as a roadie. And if I were Florida I’d be lobbying to get that fixed. They’re a tournament team, but it could affect their seed a bit.