Interesting response from Recruits

I love that, and I agree with him. I cannot wait to see Perry at the 4 and Gafford at the 5 for us in 2018. Not even KY will dominate us inside with those 2 on the floor.

Don’t forget Henderson. Those three can dominate the paint.

AND THIS GUY [youtube]oKEXi6ggo14[/youtube]

I love that, and I agree with him. I cannot wait to see Perry at the 4 and Gafford at the 5 for us in 2018. Not even KY will dominate us inside with those 2 on the floor.
[/quote]Regardless, KY will have superior players. However, our 4 star players may play for two years and, as sophomores, they may match up well with KY’s 5 star freshmen.


We will see. We beat them just two years ago, twice. They will have a 5 star PG, but not Fox, that kid is special.

I loved that response. Can’t wait for these guys to show up and show out.

and just got more talented, so talented that they don’t need a shooting guard supreme: … 34574.html

last night the expected happened with Fox, but if we switch that advantage with Joe then the on court happenings could change dramatically.


History has shown you don’t have to have players as good as Cal’s to beat Uk. You just have to have tough horses. His coaching deficiencies open the door. He’s very overrated–essentially a cheater and master marketer–not a great coach. Oh, and he’s a terrible person.

Besides having a very good starting five, Kentucky usually has depth that others can’t match. Arkansas will have both in a few years plus much needed length.

After Moses there’s a big drop off in length.

That was something I noticed last night. With everything that was said about Barford and Macon last year, I expected long, athletic guards. Fox and Monk seemed a lot longer than both. Is Hall and Garland long? I know they’re both considered 6’5-6’6 ranges, and there is a normal length that goes with that, but are they “longer” than other players their size?

Garland is long. Hall is very athletic. It’s not as if Macon and Barford aren’t athletic. They just aren’t arguably the 2 most athletic players in America (like Fox and Monk).

Barford’s athleticism is more about his physicality, which was on full display in the first half, when he was the best player on the court.

Gafford is kinda freaky. Long even for a big man and athletic. Henderson at Parkview is long. Perry is big and (with Gafford) is as highly rated a player as we have had since Portis (out of HS).

Sills has long arms but is 6’1. He could benefit from growing an inch or 2.

Overall, the athleticism was upgraded this year and is going to continue to be upgraded with what we have on he way.

Agree with most. I wouldn’t say Garland is long. He’s somewhat in the mold of Barford. I would say Hall, Gafford, Perry and Henderson are long.

Another thing that’s missing is a defensive stopper or stoppers at guard. Desi Sills will be one at some point. He gives 100% all the time and that’s what you have to have is the dog mentality and he has it.

I think Macon has that Dog mentality, he’s very good on defense and you could argue he’s our best on ball defender, it’s either him or Watkins. I think this time next year we’ll be discussing Macon as one of the better defenders in the conference. I also think Barford will end u being very good on the defensive end. Both him and Macon are surprisingly good at defense coming from JUCO, and it’s pretty rare for guys to come straight from JUCO and be good at defense their first year. Durham was a guy known for defense in high school, but wasn’t a good defender until his senior year here at Arkansas.

Garland measured 6-5 with a 6-6 wingspan at a combine in NWA late this summer/early fall. Hall was 6-6 with a 7-foot (!) wingspan at the same combine. Both had max verticals of 37".

Gafford was 6-10, 223 with a 7-2 wingspan at a combine this summer. He’s reportedly 6-11 now and is noticeably taller than Moses. He looks VERY long and is obviously really bouncy.

Perry was 6-7 1/4, 197 pounds with a 6-10 wingspan at a combine in 2014. He’s up to 6-10, 225 now, so it’s safe to assume his wingspan has probably increased as well.

Henderson looks long, too. From what I’ve seen, he’s really athletic.

Interesting. From the clips I have seen, Garland appears to be every bit of 6’5 with long arms. I have seen him dunk repeatedly in traffic. As a 2G, 6’5 with a 6’6 wingspan and a 37" vertical seems long to me.

I will defer to you, though. I’m basing it off of highlights Online.

Just differing opinions. If five people saw him there would likely different thoughts about his length.

What I like about Khalil is he has the it factor. He has a high BB IQ game, he doesn’t force anything and very overall good game. He’s a two that play can play the one.