Interesting reference to Arkansas football as the Razorbacks in 1906

…which is 3 years before the story we’ve all heard about Hugo Bezdek first referring to his squad as such.

Fuzzy, but barely readable…and the score (37 to 5 loss) is confirmed in 1906 other places.

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Hmmmm. That’s interesting.

Nice find

Copied from a post someone else made elsewherenot my original find.

Just when things seem to be falling into a predictable routine this story drops from the bottom of someone’s file cabinet drawer.

The reporter’s account is truly prescient. It captures the usage of the nickname for the University of Arkansas two years before it was known to be used, and further, it was prior Hugo Bezdek’s arrival from Oregon. The described play of those “razorbacks” beaten so completely by the Jayhawks seem of a different breed than those later alluded to as wild yet wary, lean and hungry, ferocious, and downright nasty Razorbacks. Perhaps Hugo Bezdek heard the reference applied to the team earlier but his description was used in a press conference following the team’s victorious return to Fayetteville from Baton Rouge where they beat LSU. Supposedly the student body voted to change the mascot from the Cardinals to Razorbacks following the season. An account attributed to Steve Creekmore, the 1909 QB, notes the change occurred in 1910 prior to the season.

“Prescient” isn’t necessarily what I get from this. That would imply that the reporter was the first to use that term.

I think it more likely that at least some (if not many) fans were “unofficially” calling the team by that name (Razorbacks) prior to 1909, and that it simply got lost over time. Creekmore’s version is likely the ONLY one that was available 20 years ago (or whenever it was that people started talking about the Bezdek comment), and there were no other accounts to contradict it…so that’s what everyone has gone with. IMO, Creekmore may well have been mistaken (honestly) and just not have known (of forgot in his later years) that it was around earlier.

This is interesting. The use of “Razorbacks” in quotes in the article makes me think it was an unofficial nickname then, to be formalized per Creekmore a few years later.

1906, the year my grandfather was born. 116 years ago. Wow.

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Apparently a TD was 5 points then?

The ball was moved several times in the value of a score. I attached a link to a table.

I guess Arkansas played under three TD values if it is true that games were played from the time of the beginning of the campus.

I have seen references to the football and baseball teams being called “Razorbacks” as early as 1908 in archived Arkansas Gazette stories.

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Does the university/athletic dept. have any Arkansas Cardinals sports memorabilia?

I haven’t seen any.

The story I linked in the OP above is from 1906, so that pre-dates the articles you mention.

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I think it’s safe to say that Hugo Bezdek has received too much credit over the years.

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Hugo was quoted as saying we played like a Wild Band of Razorback Hogs. Maybe historians gave him credit for calling us the Razorbacks for the first time when actually he was only adding a colorful description to our given name of Razorbacks and how they played that day. Similar to today if a coach said the boys played like a snortin team of Ferrel Pigs and was later given credit for calling us Pigs for the first time.

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