Interesting Red Zone # for LSU

First let me say I think its tougher everyone inside the 10 but LSU is #61 inside the 10 but #101 when 1st and goal! very shocking to me and may very well decide the game…they need space to hit all those crossing routes they throw.

Certainly strange. Against Clemson (before last night’s game they had the nation’s best defense) LSU just couldnt move the ball on the ground inside the 10 (w/o a fake). As with the TD pass to Moss, they needed to throw the ball to move it. Passing’s just a tough thing inside the 10, especially against a good defense.

But, Burrow has turned the 40 yard TD into an artform. And that’s why inside the 10 is really tough for them, the 40 yarder for them is easier. I suspect, that’s what they practice most.

It’s first and goal on the 9. I can just hear the RT ask the RG, “who’s turn is it to jump offsides first so we can back this up 30 yards?” :rofl:

As I said, it’s strange.

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