Interesting recruiting story about Hershel Walker

In the Athletic.

He wanted to join the military after high school. Decided to flip a coin. Coin came up Georgia and rest is history.

Sometimes you never know what ultimately causes a recruit to pick your school.

He also flipped coin about leaving GA junior year and going to USFL.

I would link article but I think it is paid subscription.

The military certainly lost a great young man.

And Georgia gained a great one.

Funny how things work out.

Walker is a beast. At 50, he’s also undefeated in MMA fights. He is 2-0 and said he hasn’t fought lately only because no one will take a fight with him. If you’re bored, YouTube his bouts. He destroyed both opponents.

Herschel Walker has made many visits with military bases around the world to share his story. He even goes to the military academies during some of their cadet training. He’s a very upstanding individual.