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Hard to read.

As a footnote I really don’t think CBB knew what he was getting into when he kneww the job. The SEC West just a few years back were behind the SEC East. Now look at all the coaches and teams that are in the SEC West now. It’s just a juggernaut, actually a trap for any coach that takes a job in the SEC West right now. Saban will keep the arms race at full steam ahead, as long as he’s there.

But CBB has got to adjust. I’ll say it again I really don’t think CBB knew what he was about to step into. Looking back, but you can not change the past, I’m not so sure CBB would have bit…JMO

Toledo, Rutgers, MO, etc are not in the SEC West. Also, it doesn’t appear the SEC, as a whole, is as strong as it was when UT and UF were winning National Championships.

That said, the article was a little harsh, imo.

It was a little harsh, but facts make people uncomfortable.
I’m hoping he will bounce back next year and shock a lot of people, including myself.

I think the article is a little oversimplification of the issue. The Alabama losses blamed on talent, but nearly everything else was coaching (a few with talent). But if we’re going to say we have to have better recruiting (which we do), then the A&M games have to be partially to blame on talent. Perhaps some of the others, too. I think CBB is to be blamed. The buck has to stop at the head coach’s desk. But there is plenty of blame to go around.

That’s not journalism, that’s a Troll that figured out how to use paragraphs… Anybody can cherry pick the facts and there are certainly problems that will be addressed, if not CBB will be shown the door.

But to continue to act like Our Program is a yearly 10-12 win is not looking at history. Can we get there? I am not quite sure… But the fringe needs to quit gaslighting The Program which in turn hurts Our recruiting. (Yes, yes, yes… I fully understand that these wounds are self inflicted and unforgivable— BUT that doesn’t mean the online “community” can just act like a bunch of titty babies because things didn’t go “their” way. Imagine how deeply frustrated our Players are right now? And Coaches? )

I am still on holiday and in State visiting Family and I was able to catch some sports radio today. I enjoyed listening to Dudley and Mike Irwin bring some reality to the mouth breathing, nimrods that call these shows. Pure comedic gold. Especially the dingus that called in hoping that Arkansas only wins 3 games next year so CBB is fired. Really? Not a wee bit selfish are ya? And don’t get me started on the rube from OK… “That’s Gold Jerry, Gold!!”

Anyway I gotta go pick up some ice cream for Jen, I mean Jan…

Woo Pig

(Just trying to bring some levity to this… We will get better, nobody is happy. This will either get turned around with wins or CBB will be let go. Life is short, being hyper-negative solves nothing and we are past the venting stage.)

That was a good laugh, I agree with several points you made.
Do think that criticism is worthy though, wherever it comes from. BB can choose to take it as constructive or negative, he knows what he has to do either way.
Woo pig

I appreciate you getting the gyst… Thank you very much. Bringing solutions and well laid out constructive criticism is a great thing! We need more of it instead of “Coach is fat, how can his players respect him… I was in the Navy for 21 years…” Or “He could get some real work done if he wasn’t galavantin’ in front of the cameras”. These are misguided personal attacks among the many… Would love to see more well thought ideas that can also be very critical but it’s all about the framing and delivery.

I can guarantee you that CBB will either figure it out fast or he will be gone. I think one of his fatal mistakes was buying into everything that Coach Pittman sold him. Pittman put us in a really bad spot with a couple bad evals and not being able to close on kids like Weathersby who is doing a great job down in BR.

Also, here is another thing… In this day and age, the 5th year Senior seems to be a concept that is really losing favor. CBB’s System heavily depends on this to achieve the success that he had at Wisky. That needs to be amended… As do many things.

One more quick one… We need more motion in our offense, give the opposing defense several things to worry about and plan for other than running it through The A Gap.

We need motion… Like what Coach Canada is about to do at LSU. Bad news for Us and I hate it… I was hoping to see that Wisky O that nailed Nebraska to the goal posts in CBB’s last game at the 2012 B10 Championship. Give Us THAT with Our Play Action Passing game and the RB’s/Slot Speed that we are going to have next year with a solid defense and watch out!


I am trying y’all… Nothing great grows in a deeply negative environment. But even manure turns to black gold given patience and a good environment.

Wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year.

I think the article is off-based because it gives too much credit to coaching and not enough credit to talent. The issue with the Hogs has not been coaching but talent and lack of quality depth. Late game fades are a classic sign of first-string players wearing down and no quality back-ups. If the coaching was bad then CBB would not be leading Alabama and Hall of Fame Coach Nick Saban 13-7 late in a game.

If your players are bigger and faster than the other team and you lose, then you blame the coaches (for reference see LSU). Arkansas needs better offensive linemen with experience, and much more team speed. Get those and CBB will be the SEC Coach of the Year in a few seasons.


Isn’t it fair to say the ability to acquire enough talent to win at an acceptable talent is a critical part of coaching at the college level?

Bad article. Just saying it is so, does not mean it is. How about some reasons why it was coaching? I was at the Texas tech game in 2015, and our LB’s did not have enough speed to cover the Tech’s WR’s plain and simple. Coaching IS part of the problem no doubt. I actually place blame of our defensive woes on coaching more than I do offense or special teams. Many of those games listed in that article were lost because our defense sucks.

Your screen name is over my head, but your logic, common sense, and intelligence is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

I have mostly avoided Hog sites since the Mizzzu loss. I have learned over the years that after a loss, especially one that could have been avoided, the Couch Coaches and haters feel emboldened, and slither out from under their rocks to spew their vitriol and ignorance. I like Hog talk radio too, but I know better than to tune in after a loss, at least for a few days.

I’m not one of the Bliss Ninnies of the current generation, but I do prefer being happy over being angry, because as you said “life is short”. I find blatant stupidity, that is proudly shared in public forums by the haters for all the world to see, to be very depressing. Life is way, way too short to allow these people to take up any amount of it.

I haven’t heard the term “titty baby” used for 20+ years. Thanks for bringing it back, it pretty much hits the nail on the head, for a lot of things these days.