Interesting Read....Pro Bettor's Take on March Madness … ch-madness

From Q2 …

By now, each team has played 30 games and everybody (except for maybe the NCAA tournament selection committee) has a good sense of how they should be rated. :lol:

Given the results, so much chalk, I’d say the committee nailed the seeding

I have 13 correct from my bracket in the sweet 16. Best I’ve done in years.

I don’t think the committee done a good job! The ACC invitational look passing out 3 - 1 seeds to one conference. There’s no way they deserved that much respect. That’s about as sorry as this concept. Kansas deserved about a 7 or 8 seed!
You justify Duke, Virgina and Notth Carlina all from the same confercne getting 1 seeds? I’d say that took care of the blue bloods! You can also take Gonzaga and put them in a power 5 conference and see if they would be a darn 1 seed every year!
Look at the ACC and explains how they all
Got seeded?