Interesting read on Tony Bua from Clay … t-his-way/

Tony Bua is delightful as a speaker. He does the TD club about the way he does everything else, with all he’s got. He went from one side of the stage to the other. He just can’t sit still. There are some that are more polished as a speaker, but none that delivered any better stuff. There were some priceless stories today.

Great article Clay. He is one of my favorite players.

I have always said that the two holding calls in the Auburn game were crap and that the “late hit” call at the end of the Florida game was crap.

Many on here disagreed with me. Tony Bua agrees! :smiley:

I agreed wholeheartedly. I met Tony at one of the TAMU games in Arlington back before they joined the conference and I made the mistake of bringing up that penalty. It still makes him mad to this day as it does many of the rest of us. It was a terrible call.

Those stories from Tony Bua are marvelous. Great stuff.