Interesting read on the athletic about chip long

Don’t know how to link an article but interesting read on chip long. Players apparently were about to revolt if he was kept. Not sure he is what we want up on the hill. Didn’t sound like today’s athletes at Notre dame, who are 32-6 were gonna play for him.

Petrino Jr.

Don’t think that will fly with Pittman.

It is a pay site so you gotta get a free read or subscribe, typically good journalism with writings like some of us older types grew up with.

quips to the limit, since I assume most cannot read the article.

In my own reading, there was staff tension run rampant and it was mostly CL who could not change. Celebration and consternation was good alliteration, the explanation to players and press required movie knowledge and especially Netflix appreciation.

With that here is a quote that is about 5% of the aritcle:

"by and large the product and what it resulted was pretty darn good,” Kelly said. “Anytime that you’re scoring points at the level that we were, you’re pleased in that respect. There were some other things that certainly I wasn’t pleased with.”

Long doesn’t have a voice in all that anymore, but he’d probably explain it the way he tried to explain a lot of things during his tempestuous tenure. Understanding Long requires a catalogue of movie quotes, whether that’s “Tombstone,” “Scent of a Woman” or “Days of Thunder.” If defensive coordinator Clark Lea is a Malcolm Gladwell book, Long is the best of Rotten Tomatoes. Movie recommendations were one of the best ways Long related to his players. And he wasn’t afraid to make Netflix recommendations.

The quote atop this story came from “Whiplash,” part of the Long canon. It’s from a dialogue between teacher and student, the since-fired jazz director Fletcher to his former student on drums, Andrew. The conversation is about the cost of greatness from a teacher who crossed lines in an attempt to force that transaction. Fletcher believes “good job” leaves an artist short of playing Lincoln Center. Long would probably say it leaves an offense short of the College Football Playoff. Some ends justify some means.

That Long was maniacal as Notre Dame’s offensive coordinator is not in question. Some players embraced it, how the wars on Tuesday and Wednesday turned into victories on Saturday."

Thjs hire if made will be contingent on personaliity mesh or just trusting all the parts will come together and the whole will exceed the individual components.

Kelly rejected the notion that players drove the decision for Long to depart pre-Bowl, the QB is indeed Long grateful and credits him fully for having his back and supporting him when others like ND fans did not. Does he come across as a players coach? No.

Long had in building problems, but not offensive football problems. Long had a young 20 something good cop foil to his bad cop that made his departure from a player standpoint look motivated by the players, but no one argues that Chip Long saved an imploding offense and went 32-6 over his 3 year reign.

Long is the name, is he a dark force or a return to Petrino that many seek? behaviors are BP like.

He may be to much over the top but his offense scored a lot of points. Our over sensitive bunch of kids would obviously fold up.

Anyone who doesn’t think the Hogs need a major dose of discipline and fundamentals is wrong in my opinion. Maybe Sam can take the edge of Long if he were to come here

There it is again. We ALL have warts and those warts are what makes us who we are. Arkansas has had those coaches before: Wilson Mathews, Lou Holtz, and Bobby Petrino are three such names off top of my head—there were many assistant coaches too with those traits. I am sure CL understands his limitations and knows he has to make adjustments if he wishes to progress up a career path. Critical decision for Sam P. as he works to secure a staff but he needs excellence first and foremost. Good to see the remarks on ND QB as that will be key to Pittman’s success as a coach. Interesting to see who Sam picks.

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Take petrino’s way of speaking to folks and amplify that and you get chip long. With all of our deficiencies I doubt he would be a good fit for us anymore than we would be a good fit for him.

If Long is like the lead character in the movie Whiplash…whew he’s over the top bad.

Means never justifies end. IMO

I think this team needs a good dose of toughness and discipline… tough teams don’t lay down like this bunch did.

That said, don’t think the coaching style of Long will cut it with Pittman.

We shall see.

I never heard too many profess anything but love for Wilson Matthews. He put players through a horrible grind but they all say now they were better for it. I guess that comes with an asterisk: I have not talked to the many who quit. The stories I’ve heard all include mention of those who packed and left in the night.

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I think Sam will hire who he wants and don’t much care what ya’ll think :sunglasses:


Concur. This description is a bit concerning but I also know there are three sides to a dispute: the two parties’ version and the truth somewhere in the middle.

Also being a hard-ass is not necessarily instilling discipline. Sometimes it’s just being disagreeable for the sake of being disagreeable.



Sam could set a good example for CL, “coach” the young coach.
People learn from past mistakes.

Not endorsing Long, probably won’t be him.

Chip is a driven individual that does have some Petrino-esque qualities on the field.

What I would say after reading this article is that it is told from Brian Kelly’s perspective.

I have no doubt that Long got sideways with a few players. That’s the nature of college football and other team sports.

My guess is there is far more to the story and I would have gotten Chip Long’s thoughts on the situation as well to make it a fair story.

The big thing is how Notre Dame won after Long was brought on board.

Not everybody has to like everybody else to succeed.


Yeah. All that winning really gets under players’ skin. Sheesh.

Given your disdain for Petrino - which I share by the way - I take it you don’t have the same concerns with Chip? Hence the comments about him being Petrino like ON THE FIELD?

My disdain for Petrino is for him as a person, not as a football coach.

It also has nothing to do with his affairs.

I have tried to make that clear over the years.

I am not advocating for or against Chip Long, who I j know mostly as a coach, but have friends who are close friends of his.

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Absolutely and as it should be.

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Maybe the players started thinking all that winning and scoring points was solely because of them and very little to do with a smart hard ass coach who pushed them. Only time will tell cuz it will be most of the same players who threatened to revolt playing and trying to score next year and the next.
Kelly might have a hard time getting the same caliber OC to coach those premadonas if that’s the case.