Interesting question on the basketball recruiting scandal

I have heard tonight that there is a possibility that the receiving parents or athlete in the corruption scheme may have to pay the money back to a fund set up by the Feds. There may be IRS problems also . This made me think of a different possibility. Since this is a criminal case, could there be civil liabilities for the receiving parents and the receiving university from a university that lost out on the recruit?

That could defeat the purpose of parents intentions of getting paid for thier kids services. Sounds good to me. I hope Reggie Perry’s parents have to get in that line. I hope none of these parents have spent thier cash.
On top of all of this the kids will end up being ineligible to play college ball. Head overseas and enjoy it!

So how soon do we know how much smaller and specifically who will be gone from the OK State roster when we play them?

Not to mention South Carolina, since Evans left there to go to OSU. And Auburn. It will be pretty much up to Okie Light, and SoCar and AU, to identify and declare ineligible any players involved with this mess. When will that happen? Dunno

In order for a school to win a civil suit against a cheating university or the parents of a player who took money, you’d likely have to prove that but for the bribe, the recruit would have gone to the suing school. This would probably involve a recruit having to testify against his parents. Not likely to happen in my opinion.

Or probably not brother against brother either.

How 'bout a class action suit by a group of universities or even students? Couldn’t there be some sort of breach of contract? All members of the NCAA in effect agreed to follow the terms of the NCAA contract. Those that did not abide effectively received benefits that were denied to the other institutions. Hence, the cheaters defrauded the other institutions. Of course, that would open up an avalanche of finger-pointing.

Someone had alluded to the possibility of the schools proactively declaring at risk athletes ineligible due to the almost certain actions of the NCAA after the FBI is finished, possibly before. The danger of knowingly playing ineligible athletes could seriously backfire. The NCAA could possibly take action further than , what is the term, when a win is not a win, yes, vacating. If a team, with this investigstion hanging over its head, with full knowledge that a player (or players) is going to be declared ineligible, plays that player anyway, the NCAA could strip subsequent wins or titles. It would be messy and unsatisfying, but would have to be done.

More than lawsuits what may really turn the tide is if the FBI starts working in tandem with the IRS. If parents start going to jail or threatened with jail time for unpaid taxes on undeclared income then things get real very quickly for people.

There could also be fraud for financial assistance received by not showing the bribe as income!