Interesting question about Gus

Does he move from the Plains? Does he move back to Springdale? Did he retain a home in Springdale?

I know he will coach again. But say he does not land this year, but waits a full year, where does he live?

Isn’t there a Gus thread open?

Probably highland park

He’ll probably live wherever his wife says…


He’ll prolly go buy his own island and chill counting his bank with a smile thanking ark!! Lol

The Gus Bus will be RVing it across country in the left lane hammer down.


Chad can drive the bus.

Depending on what jobs come open, I could see him coaching again next year. Or he could wait on a more attractive job in 2022.

A lot of schools would love his resume.

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Wouldn’t that be something if he joined Butch Jones?!! I knw far fetched, had to…

Does anyone think he would go to Arizona and rebuild what Kevin Sumlin destroyed there?

He probably couldn’t keep that job very long. He’d be getting lots of tickets for going too slow in the left lane.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:

Hope he lands at Arizona so we won’t have to hear much about him since he would be in the Pac12.



I don’t think Gus wants his bus in the ditch. :wink:

I don’t think he comes back to NW Ark. I suppose he still has fans (or cult members) here, but I think a lot of people got more than enough of him when he leveraged the UA for a big raise at Auburn. Gene Chizik stayed at Auburn & Tommy Tuberville went back there after he left Cincy.

I suppose Gus can run for the Senate. That seems to be a path open to fired Auburn coaches. However, I don’t think there are any openings for a couple of years.

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Gus and his wife have many friends in Arkansas, including NWA. He vacations with some. I would not be surprised if they land in Arkansas.

A man’s word is all he his.You can take a lifetime building a reputation and 1 day tearing it down… I don’t care where he lands. The president elect has a few openings left.

If Rhett Lashlee lands an HC job, maybe he’ll offer Gus a job as equipment manager. Or he could revive the program at Hughes High.

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There is an insightful article on about Gus and his failures at Auburn. Mr. Yallarwood and company owe him millions. They described Gus as paranoid about anything leaking out from his game plans and practices.

Bless his heart…

Link to article - BBH

Thanks Marty!

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