Interesting portal names

E.J. Williams, former 4-star WR, Clemson
Fentrell Cypress, 4-star DB, Virginia
JQ Hardaway, 4-star CB, Cincy
Bram Walden, 4-star OT, Oregon
Dontavius Nash, 4-star safety, UNC
Elijah Jeudy, 4-star DL, TAM
A few more 4-stars as well, and I’m sure the number is growing by the hour.

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I am particularly watching for players we recruited hard out of HS. Lowest hanging fruit out there!

Several of Muss’ portal players came from teams who played us the previous year. I wonder if any portal players from Cincy, Liberty, etc. might be almost as low hanging fruit?

That’s why I listed the Cincy and A&M players, and it appears we’ve already offered a couple of guys from Bama and A&M.

@Hogmodo, good observation. Players have a familiarity with UA, even if for only a few hours.

Also, with Bowman and Adams being new to the staff, I look for them to have had contact with recruits or players at their former schools, and will mine those for portal guys now.

Saw this list of players from Univ of Texas that have indicated they would enter the portal:

Troy Omeire, WR, 4* out of high school
Prince Dorbach, Edge, 4* out of high school
J D Coffey, S, 4* out of high school
D J Harris, LB/Edge, 4* out of high school
AndreJ Karic, OT, 4 * out of high school
Jamier Johnson, CB, 4* out of high school

Didn’t verify any of the ratings on 247 Sports and have no clue whether Sam would be interested in any of them. Also don’t know if Arkansas recruited them out of high school.

Curious. Is there a Football thread on here somewhere that is keeping track of Team Portal Losses and Team Portal Additions?

I know someone did one in Basketball at the end of last season. Haven’t been able to find it, could have overlooked it. The BBall one also included Graduates and Draft Declarations, but I know that’s a lot more complex in Football due to the sheer numbers…

Here’s the list of guys we’re losing:

All were 4-stars on 247.

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