Interesting podcast about the win over MJ & No. 1 NC

If I remember right we played SMU the day before in Dallas, and flew out of Dallas.

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A great win in my hometown against NC who was #1 on national TV. At the buzzer everyone ran onto the floor, including me and my brother in law. Charles Balentine will forever be a hero to me for the big bucket that ended up winning the game.

Brad Daugherty was on that team and I had the pleasure of spending a good deal of time with him a few years ago through our NASCAR sponsorship of his NASCAR team. We talked about that game a lot. He always said “you guys were lucky”. My answer was “we won the game”. Brad thought a lot of Joe Kline. Brad just calls me “Arkansas”.

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If you enjoyed that, you might like this feature I wrote on the game on its 30th anniversary.

I did read that article, Matt. There was a link at the bottom to another article picking the Hog Baseball team fifth in the SECW. Started reading that article and didn’t realize it was also from 2014 until it said we were opening the season against Appalachian State!

My wife’s home town too. She graduated with US Reed. This was my favorite game I ever watched, and with very good seats. Still surprised this game was played in PB.

US Reeds coach at PBHS was Jerry Rook. He was a good friend. We used to try to replicate the half court heave US hit to beat Louisville in the 1981 NCAA tourney. Jerry passed last year.

Nice article.

It’s probably the most exciting basketball game I ever attended.

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The way our site works is that related articles are based on the time frame. So since that story ran in 2014, the related articles are from that time.

Correct, and weather prevented the team from leaving Dallas until Sunday morning.

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