Interesting plan for USCe

According to CNN, the Poultry students will be back on campus in August, with the option to opt out if they’re uncomfortable, but the school plans to go online only after Thanksgiving because of the likelihood of a December spike of COVID-19. I’ve been able to confirm the August reopening but not the November change. It does make some sense though.

Edit: Found a tweet from a Charlotte TV station, whose market crosses into SC, confirming the November shutdown. Cynics immediately suggested the purpose was to allow football.

Cynics might have a point.

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Yep. I know schools want to open campus in August if they can, for budgetary and educational reasons. UA BOT wants students on campus if at all possible. But football doesn’t hurt either, even if we can’t have full stadiums (and that seems increasingly unlikely).

As long as it’s safe, I would like to have sports back, but I won’t die if we don’t have it.

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Hmm. This may prove to be common if the models continue to predict a December spike.

It appears there’s now a trend toward having sports. I now think football in some form is more likely than not this fall. We’ve discussed limited seating in the stands. I think that’s plausible. Maybe allow spectators on odd numbered rows in seats of two with at least 3 seats between each pair. Maybe more restricted for indoor seating. As we’ve also discussed, that’d mean having to disallow some ticket holders, so I’d think we could let half (or whatever the proper percentage would be) buy for some of the games & let others have tickets for the other games.

At least if the games are played, they should still get TV revenue.

Indeed. But that won’t be enough for some.

Seats at RRS are 18 inches wide in the grandstands, slightly wider in club seats. Six feet of separation would be four empty seats. So someone could sit in seats 1, 6, 11 and 16 on one row, and maybe 3, 8, 13 and 18 on the row behind it. If that’s how you want to enforce the separation. I just looked up the Dolphins’ proposal for allowing fans in. They talk about lining up and ordering concessions from your seat and leaving the stadium row by row, but not much about how people would actually sit, other than 15,000 people in a 65,000 seat stadium.

Makes you wonder if the capacity is reduced to 20-25 thousand or whatever for social distancing reasons, will some of the other fans get use to watching on TV and not buy season tickets in the future.

Certainly a possibility. Just as it appears working from home will continue in some businesses after the quarantine.

At best, I think the coming athletic year will be about cutting losses. I have no idea how many of them can survive without cutting some sports.

If you only let 15,000 into a 65k stadium, it might not require much enforcement. You could have ushers telling everyone (except for, say, pairs) to sit no closer than 4 seat & 2 rows from others. Or you could put section numbers on the tickets & only allow about 20% in each section. People will probably be a bit inclined to stay away from others, anyway.

And you could require everyone to wear a mask.

All of these distance proposal have merit until: It is time to go home. When that happens, people are going to get up and go. It is 10 P on Sat. night. Rain is coming or already there. No one, or very few, is going to sit there so they don’t get within 6 (or 1) foot of each other. Go watch airplanes unload, especially with a close connection.

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I could see a mask as mandatory for entrance and exit, once inside, nope. I figure the alcohol in my beer will keep me safe while in the stadium. :stuck_out_tongue:

The business model of having lots of people in big offices was fraying around the edges before the virus hit. Many companies were already letting people work from home a couple of days a week anyway.

I know that one major insurance company has decided to close several regional offices and have thousands of people in those offices work from home permanently after evaluating how those employees have done working from home the first month of the shutdown.

You might have a point, but if there are only 15k or even 20k in RRS, I can’t imagine it being a big problem, especially if they’re sitting some distance apart. By midway through the 4th quarter, a lot of people have left anyway. If it’s raining you won’t even have the “full” complement of 15-20k at the game.

People are educable. If enough appreciate a problem with close contact, it’s unlikely there’ll be much close contact.

Has to be 60% alcohol or higher.:wink:

Yeah, when people are outside there’s little to no need for a mask unless they’re really close to each other.

Which model do you feel has had a good enough prediction ratio to this point that we should put all of our eggs in their modeling basket going forward?

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