Interesting Petrino Stat … 5675083776

I wasn’t aware of that trend.

:o that can’t be true. Must be a mistake.

By comparison he had nine losses total in his first stint with Louisville. But that was in the Big East. Playing in the ACC is obviously more difficult.

He has never won a big game…anytime, anywhere, period.

Who cares?

He’s not our coach and I doubt there are many Louisville fans around here.

Our coach is CBB, and the only stat we should care about is 10-23, that’s got to improve.

I disagree with that. He had some big wins at Arkansas; the 2010 win over LSU that sent the Razorbacks to the Sugar Bowl, the top 10 matchup the following year with South Carolina, the Cotton Bowl.

He had the win over Florida State last year, the Orange Bowl win in his first stint there, etc.

I don’t think he is as great of a head coach as many in Arkansas think he is. That’s demonstrated by the fact that he has one conference championship in 12 years as a head coach and no division championships in eight years in the SEC and ACC. But I don’t think you can write him off as a coach who has never won a big game.

Wrong, as Matt has pointed out. Very wrong.

And going into a truly big game, who would you rather have coaching your team? Petrino or Bielema?

I know who I’d pick. Not even close.

I’d take Bielema.

If Petrino didn’t have that freak of a QB, they wouldn’t be nearly as good as they are now and they aren’t very good now. He probably leads their team in rushing.

I’d take Petrino if we are talking about the coach, there’s no arguing who’s is the better coach in terms we have 4 years on both guys and see the difference.
Yes Bobby does have an amazing qb, but what’s our excuse for Bret for being bad in year 5?

Brets obviously a much better guy, so I’d rather have a beer and watch the game with him. But I’d take Bobby in the game, coaching.

As a football coach it’s not even close.

I said nothing about our current coach nor did I compare them. The thread was about Petrino’s dismal record against top competition. The win against LSU was the closest thing to a big win as he has experieced. I don’t consider the Cotton Bowl against Kansas State or a win again South Carolina as big. The game against LSU was huge for us but not on a national scale. I still stand by my comment. The brighter the lights, the dimmer his record.

Hard to argue. I really enjoyed his last 2 yrs but was disappointed we didn’t challenge Bama even with that gaudy record

Challenge Bama? So you do not recall 2010? Bama got out by the skin of its teeth. Mallet threw the pick or we have a real shot at winning.

Overall, though, Petrino’s teams were no more competitive against Alabama than Bielema’s teams have been. In fact, Bielema’s average loss to Alabama has been 21.3 points in four games. Petrino’s teams lost by an average of 22.8 points in four games.

Arkansas has averaged 14.3 points vs. Alabama under Bielema; averaged 13.8 points vs. Alabama under Petrino.

I didn’t expect Bobby to beat Alabama just like I don’t expect Bret to beat Alabama. No one is beating them. What I do expect Bret to do is win the games he supposed to, which in my opinion should be more than 7 in year 5. It should be 9. He also should be expected to win close games, not rank 63 out of 65 P5 schools in games decided by 1 possession. I expect to hold on to big leads, and not have repeated mistakes.

We lost against Bama, period.
Just like pick Mallet threw against Ohio St in Sugar Bowl.
Again we lost, period.

Ok, further note: We won a helluva lot more under
Petrino. Period. And would not have played OhioState but for Petrino.


Too many facts there Matt. Lol. Love it!!

Never said differently, Matt. Bama is Bama. The other poster said we never challenged Bama under Petrino. That is false. My only point.

Jesus Dude

Are you kin to CBP???

Give your soap box a rest

Petrino is a scum and if you have such a bromace try Louisville for a while

Your jumping in on every post wanting changes.
Do you NOT get it?
CBB is not going anywhere for at least 2 years so …