Interesting.. on CJ O’Grady

All the talent in the world doesn’t matter when you can’t do right. … 9586128896

If this guy doesn’t know that he needs to go to workouts and class by now, will he ever learn it? It’s highly doubtful, but I hope he does because, whether he knows or not, that’s in his best interest.

Hard to teach an old dog new tricks and I consider a Jr. to be an old dog from a CFB standpoint.

Dre took that tweet down. What did it say?

It was tweeted directly to CJ, tagging him, saying something along the lines of… We need you, come to class, come to workouts for your brothers.

I have a screenshot of it I just can’t figure out how to get it to upload.

You can drag and drop the screenshot into the message box here but it can’t be very big. Or click attachments below the post window and enter it from there. Again, can’t be very big.

I did see later that he was at practice yesterday so I guess that is a good sign.

Anybody know what’s going on here??

I suspect that will be a question asked of Coach Morris at his next media opportunity - Wednesday before practice.

That being said, it seems pretty clear that he had missed practice and class and that wishes he would have sent that as a direct message, a text or called him.