Interesting Numbers

The odds on the UA vs AU game in today’s ADG were listed at 13.5 for Auburn, steadily dropping through the week after opening at 17 or 16.5. The money drop does not reflect confidence in Auburn, although the raw numbers still predict an Auburn win. How much money flowing into the Arkansas side of the ledger is required to drop the odds by 3 points in a week? It seems significant.
On another game, I’m surprised to see Kentucky favored by 2 over MSU. They seemed so inept at times. We showed them how to foil MSU’s offense. Can they execute it?

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I have always heard that it’s $1M that moves the line up or down a point. $500K for half a point movement.

The reason being they want the bets even, max profit, they do not care care who wins.

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One thing that is a huge factor is conditions. I’m predicting a nasty low scoring game because of weather and the reason I think Arkansas covers. If it was clear skies it would make me think more but at 16.5 which is where I got it, I thought was a no brainer on the cover simply because of the weather.

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