Interesting nugget from Pittman's teleconference today

In the event Pittman can’t coach (quarantine), Barry Odom would be the acting head coach. That’s not surprising given Odom’s credentials, but still interesting to hear that thought process communicated.

Pittman said there are also contingency plans for graduate assistant/analyst types to coach on the field if a position coach is out.

Here are some other notes from Pittman today:

Great job as usual!! I really expect Gerald to be an absolute beast! Really need Kelly and Marshall to be SEC quality inside. I’m glad we’re wearing the shields but kind of surprised, I had read from other teams where the players really did not like them at all said it was hard to breathe in them.

Youdaman I hope the shields can help prevent the spread of the virus. A little discomfort won’t kill you.
I’m hoping we see some football.

Oh trust me I would love for them to be able to wear them. My personal trainer played college and NFL ball and has a lot of contacts in college, he was just telling me that the players really don’t like them at all. But I totally agree with you.

I know this much about Dorian Gerald. He’s a very personable young man. I visited with him at CJ’s Butcher Boy hamburgers about a year ago for a good while. He represents the Hogs well.


The shield may be the key piece of equipment that might allow a full season to be played. There will be positive cases in college football this season just like there will be the same the other sports. I hope they have a vaccine soon!

Is it just the picture or has Coach lost a little weight?

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