Interesting note on "NFL Top 100" vs. HS Star rankings

I’ll just drop this note here and observe the ensuing conversation…

Of the recently announced “Top 100 NFL players for 2020” (per NFL Network), all of the top 5 were consensus (247) 3 star recruits. Overall, 6 of the top 10 were 3 stars, three were 4 stars, and one was a 5 star.

Aloha Wiz,

Another great find. Unfortunately when it comes to winning national titles, 4/5 stars have a major impact. There are always exceptions. But overall, stars do matter.


I have always believed that while there is a certain validity to 5 star recruits, there is no need to look down on those 3 stars. Sometimes the determination and grit of a 3 star is more important than the talent of a 5 star. Now a 5 star with grit and determination can’t be beat. But the heart is sometimes hard to measure and can be as important as the measurables.



And that’s been my argument with the star-gazers all along. Well, actually, I have two.

I don’t think anyone disagrees that if ALL you know about someone is that they’re “more talented” than the next guy, then you’d rather have the more talented guy (i.e., the 5 star over the non-5 star).

But (1) when you say this or that guy is a “5 star” recruit…according to WHO? Frankly, I don’t think most of those “recruiting experts” know. Oh, they can go to the Rivals or Nike combine, see who does what in the measurables, and see which of the big boys is recruiting them, etc. But overall, their track record is not much better than some random fan.

(2) “talent” (speed - strength - height- weight) is only one aspect. As Marty touches upon, and I’ve written before, those rankings don’t say anything about what kind of teammate a kid is, how competitive he is, how much his teammates like him and want to win with and for him, or view him as a self-centered prima-donna…also doesn’t measure what his coach thinks about him, nor his teachers…Give me a bunch of 3 stars who excel at all of the non-measurables, with 2 or 3 difference makers (who also happen to have their heads on straight, and I’ll show you a team that will consistently be competitive at a high level.

You’ll also have a team that never wins on the big stage. But being competitive would be nice, for the hogs atleast.

As seen by lack of SEC championships and national championships from teams that do not recruit top 15 classes. (Mostly blue chips)

Not all 5 stars hit. But it’s just a fact that you aren’t winning the SEC or National championship unless you have more blue chips than non blue chips on your team. Take a look at the last 15 years . There’s not a single exception.

5 Stars are great for college and there rating is based on that. We have to remember that these are 17/18 year old kids. Those 3 stars catch up with the 5 stars over time as bodies and minds mature. Also there a lot more 3 stars than 5 stars, so do to shear numbers they should be much more prominent in the elite pro ranks.

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