Interesting new helmet in the equipment room

Barely squeezed in the Hog between the gaps.

Fits like a glove…

I assume the design change is functional. Maybe a slightly safer helmet.

The purpose of the gaps is to allow the helmet to flex on contact and thus absorb some of the energy of a hit.


OU’s new QB is wearing this helmet this spring. Created some media buzz first practice or two. Odd looking.

I think it looks sweet!! Come on September!!

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Slow down Billy. Don’t short me on baseball!!


My best friend has been a life long St. Louis Cardinal fan. He’s only had a moderate interest in college baseball. When the billionaires and millionaires were bickering over whatever he got hooked on Razorback baseball. He’s still a Cards fan but yesterday bought a Razorback baseball shirt. A big deal since only Cardinal shirts are in his closet.

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