Interesting NCAA rule change

Was reading an article on ESPN’s site about the bowl eligibility rules being eased, and buried near the bottom was this tidbit:

“The council also approved new legislation that would allow athletes who receive need-based financial aid or merit-based awards unrelated to their athletics ability to not count against a team’s scholarship limit.”

It seems like this could become important in the case of some football walk-ons and maybe real important in the case of baseball, where you end up with schools giving partial scholarships.

I don’t know enough about how this change differs from the previous rules to be sure, but at first blush this looks like the kind of thing some schools will manipulate to get more bang for their scholarship limits.


What scares me is this might open the door for corruption by a lot. It reads like the exception thing is not just for one year.

I have always thouht football should be outside the Title 9 stuff since there is no equivilent sport for women, but that is long since settled.

I think this rule is only for equivalency sports, not full-scholarship sports.

I did not realize there was a difference. In my day, football had 125 man rosters. So the world has changed. Thanks.

That’s what I thought too.

So does it mean DVH can give more scholarship money to a non-needy player if one who fits the criteria for the “needy” money wants to play? Or if a 4-point student gets a chancellor’s scholarship, he doesn’t count & that frees up more money for the baseball scholie?

I’m not sure how this works out as a practical matter. All it seems to say is that players who get things like merit or need-based scholarships don’t count against the roster. Doesn’t add any money to the athletic scholarship pool.

The reason I was concerned is I remember when Bear Bryant had several guys on golf scholarships who happened to be football players also. They made rules for that but I was fearful this might open more doors then planned.

As I posted on the Baseball board:

It allows stacking. If a kid is getting academic money DVH can then supplement that with a piece of the 11.7. Might keep some high school kids from signing after the draft if you’re getting closer to a full ride.

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