Interesting look at stop rate

From The Athletic. How often a defense gets off the field, basically.

We’re 47th in stop rate at 68.8% and give up 1.83 points per possession. Georgia, to no one’s surprise, is #1 at 89.6%/0.49. Bama is 26th at 72.7%/1.56, certainly not a typical Bama defense. A&M is fourth (80.5%/1.09) and we already beat them.

Other remaining opponents: LSU is 61st (66.4%/2.21 PPP), and Misery is downright horrible at #126 (51.9%, 3.10 PPP).

They had done the same analysis after Week 5. We were 28th at 73.8/1.44 then. Of course we played Ole Miss in week 6 and Auburn in week 7 and lost Catalon.

Misery was #126 back then, still #126. Bama stayed at #26. LSU dropped from 36th to 61st.

One of the most improved defenses in the country since week 5 has been Illinois, which moved up from #94 to #58. Might be why the Fighting Bielemas have won a couple of games recently.

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I would love to know the stat that is kept in NFL for how fast DE’s get off the ball snap. I’m sure Tre Williams is acceptable, doubt he is dominant but does our other DE get off well.

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