Interesting look at Notre Dame recruiting

This story suggests that ND recruiting could be a lot better if Brian Kelly got more involved. Hmm, I’ve heard the same thing about a couple of past Arkansas head coaches…

Text the kids, man

It’s all about the relationships. CSP gets it, and for all of his other problems, CCM got it too. You have to start with good players. (Of course, then you have to “coach ‘em up.”)

I thought CBB did the relationship part early on and the coaching up part went well early but both seemed to fade toward the end. CCM was a good recruiter and built relationships but couldn’t seem to get players coached up once he entered the SEC. Five years from now CCM might be a great head coach hire but he wasn’t well enough prepared to step in at Arkansas and be successful. CSP has the relationship part going his way, he’s putting together a great staff and was instrumental in coaching up players during the good years of CBB. I know he hasn’t coached a game at Arkansas yet, but may very well be the home run hire we were hoping for, at least he’s checked the boxes so far in my opinion. WPS

I can remember when the coach at ND did not have to reccruit, there were dozens of top choice kids wanting to go to ND especially Catholic kids. But over 60 years or so, things changed. The school to attend took second place to the chances of going to the NFL, So the entire process of signing new players chsnged drastically. Time marches on.

Can’t be that hard to have you personal assistant/secretary send texts to players from your phone.

True, but if you choose to be absent when they visit campus …

Nutt and Petrino didn’t care for recruiting. Nutt will privately admit he could’ve done a better job of being involved.

I was thinking about Holtz who tended to be off making motivational speeches instead of visiting kids. So make it three HCs.