Interesting List....63 Top Houston HS Players and where they are going|7

Hogs have 1, and he’s one of the featured photo’s.

Kansas has two on that list.

Interesting that a couple of dline guys heading to Minnesota Oregon and Boise st. Curious if we could’ve made a play for them.

Several DL uncommitted on that list…

ut Austin & aTm try to carve up the Houston recruiting market & why U of Houston was nixed from the SEC & Big12. LSU, TCU, Baylor, & surprisingly Missouri, & NE have made some headway there.

Back in the SWC days, Arkansas signed their share of Houston area players but not anymore.

The Hogs have and still are failing on recruiting to the needs of the team. I really thought CSP was supposed to be one of the top recruiters in college football

Dude chill. Did you think it would be figured out in one season? Sam’s first year we were 0- sec for 2 straight years.

It takes a while to get your pipeline running. As the coaching staff has been upgraded and this year’s class shows the talent level has improved each year. That is why you see many of his first class leaving. Better players replacing them.

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