Interesting Kiffin Article

ADs polled anonymously and asked if they would hire him or not. Written prior to FAU’s 5-7 2018 season.

Not championing Kiffin here but the flexibility in the contract controls and buyout are different for him than any other viable candidate because of his history, where he is now and where he wants to be. The high risk can be managed within the contract terms and the high reward (I would call it huge potential reward considering the dumpster fire that is Arkansas right now) is what the school needs at this moment to get back to relevancy. The ADs polled in the article were very likely not in the position our AD finds himself currently in and weren’t having to make such a critical, long-term decision so their decision process would be totally different from our AD’s.

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I agree past decisions by the wise oracles up on the Hill have left this program on failing life support.

I predict they will hire a Kiffin or Leach in an attempt to shock the patient back to life.

I think they’ll be passing over a better coach to do it, but I get it.

There is a reason though neither Leach or Kiffin have P5 ADs beating their doors down.

Have I missed something or are they beating Norvell’s door down? I’m actually curious if they are…

Well… he’s apparently high on FSU’s hot board per Bruce Feldman and some of their insiders.

I do predict with confidence he won’t be at Memphis next year.

Yeah, I’d heard that as well. So he has one known suitor and possibly others… I was just curious since the word on Norvell last year or two was that he was being passed over for a lot of job options and that where’s there is smoke… Sounds like him and Kiffin are similar in that regard as well as other things…

I’m not opposed nor excited about either one of them but I understand we need a name the kids will respond to so we can have some hope of keeping not only the current roster but the recruits as well. If we lose big time on this next class we’re at least one to two years behind again. Kiffin may have the edge on Norvell in that regard

Looking beyond the past drama of each coach and based solely on coaching experience and connections,

I’m sure Kiffin or Norvell can win here at AR with talent, along with good assistants that can coach up and recruit.
Both have ties to AR.

Boils down to which one can immediately recruit some top talent?
Which one can bring in top OC & DC and staff who can coach up & recruit in key southern states?

Based on P5 & SEC experience plus who may have better connections - needle points to LK.

Right now it would be a tough job for any of your favorite HOF coaches to pull us out of this mess!

I don’t disagree - again HY likely, in part, looking for Razorback Brand, Inc. CPR

Article could be about a younger Steve Spurrier and the later version as well. Having a swagger is ok, Miami had one for long time. Saban and Dabo have it now but media has decided that until they leave or lose , they are the ONES. Winning allows all kinds of things, it purifies and clears the air, just like losing does.

He also trolls referees on twitter, there is an article about that and a 5000 fine he received
from Conference USA on ESPN. I’d be happy w Kiffin, Leach, Norvell or Fritz. Nobody is even mentioning Fritz, interesting game today at Temple who handed Norvell his only loss a few weeks ago.

I would be excited about either one of those four TBH.

I want Leach, Kiffin, or Pittman. No one else make sense AT THIS TIME!