Interesting incentives for season-ticket holders

This goes into effect this year.

Non-conference Attendance Rewards
100% attendance- free access to a suite for a conference game
Progressive Hog Heaven discount- 5% off for every game attended- coupon emailed to you with discount accrued, valid at 12/30 Tennessee game (35% max possibility)

Full Season Attendance Rewards
On court recognition at first home game next season
Customized Framed Jersey
Free tickets to the banquet

How does the UA know who attended each game and who didn’t? What if the season ticket holder gave their tickets to a friend for a game or two? Who would know that?

They just want someone to use them. It counts if your ticket is swiped. Doesn’t matter if you give them away.

Jimmy, does that start with the regular season opener or with the exhibition games.

Good question, I asked around and it’s the regular season.

Thanks Jimmy!

That said, our seats are occupied tonight.

My wife and I missed 2 games last year, only missing for work trips.

Man, if they had done that for baseball the last two years, I would have all kinds of benefits!

That’s great for local fans. it doesn’t work for someone that has a 4-5 hour trip each way. If they want to take attendance, count central ,south and east Arkansas out. If Jeff Long doesn’t wake up, it will be the NWA Razorbacks.

South and east Arkansas built the program in the 40’s ,50’s,60’s and 70’s . Ignore the rest of the state at your own risk. The whole state needs to share and support the Razorbacks. We don’t need to divide the fans or we can’t compete in the SEC.

Really? You want to turn this into the basketball version of the GSD? Not to mention this incentive has nothing to do with where the ticket buyers are coming from. If a season ticket holder from Conway can arrange for his tickets to be used, he is entitled to the incentive just the same as someone in Springdale.

A big part of our attendance problem in hoops isn’t that tickets aren’t being sold, it’s that people who buy tickets don’t use them. I like this incentive to reduce the unused ticket problem. It won’t solve it, but it gives people more reason to show up for cupcake games in November and December.

Swine, I’m not trying to argue with you, but how do you use the tickets? I live 6 hours away and a few years ago, I couldn’t sell football tickets for them to be used, and I was selling them for $10. Basketball would be harder, because not that many want to go to a Nov/Dec cupcake. So, this is more for locals, like he said. I can see this turning into another GSD.

It takes some planning but it can be done. If you know weeks in advance you can’t go to the Oral Roberts game, for instance, find someone who wants to buy (or just use) your tickets. Maybe they live in Conway, or maybe it’s someone you know in West Fork.

Once again, this has nothing to do with GSD, and I’m frankly stunned that some of you see it this way. It’s strictly a response to the people who buy tickets and don’t use them. Just as an example, the Stephen F. Austin game last year we listed 13,358 tickets sold. Actual attendance: 4,705. That’s 8600+ unused tickets (almost the capacity of Barnhill). Or 8600 more people who could be making BWA as tough a place to play as it used to be. But if somebody in Little Rock who doesn’t have tickets anyway chooses to sulk because they’re giving an incentive for the people who do have tickets to show up, I guess it’s your prerogative.

Bottom line: It’s for the ticketholders, not just locals.