Interesting how stats

Can be twisted to feed a narrative. I’ve seen it mentioned multiple times that at Arkansas we shouldn’t expect 10 win seasons because we’ve only had 12 since 1960. That grabbed my attention so I looked up 2 other programs in the west to compare. LSU and A&M

Since 1960-LSU has also had 12 10 win seasons… hard to believe I know.

A&M 1960- 10, 10 win seasons.

So that’s actually a pretty bad thing to point at when trying to make the case that we shouldn’t expect a 10 win season every now and then.

I think you’ve got to look at the current environment when talking about Arkansas’ 10-win seasons. The Razorbacks have had three since they entered the SEC, all of which came after the regular season was extended to 12 games. All three were also during a five-year span in which the state put out some really good football players.

I don’t think anyone doubts Arkansas can win 10 games in a season, but it’s probably going to be infrequent.

I’m just pointing out it was intended to make us look below everyone else historically, and it’s truly just an example of a bad stat. It didn’t have any comparisons to other programs.

I know it’s going to be infrequent, heck ya infrequent for one of footballs most powerful programs LSU.

But it’s not something that fans shouldn’t expect. We aren’t a bottom of the barrel program, even though many like to act like we are.