Interesting how Muss used Whitt to front guard Jackson --------------

----------- in the first half. I assume the plan was to let Adrio come to help on the backside. Jackson hurt us some with that scheme but you got to admire any 6-3 guard even trying to handle that 6-9 & powerful athlete. I guess Muss felt that Jimmy’s reported 7-0 wing span would handle high passes to the post man. Jackson hurt us some against that defense but the majority of his baskets were in transition, garbage baskets, rebounds, etc. Jimmy was not able to front him and then block him out so well, but Chaney and Adrio handled that well in the second half.

It may have been a move to make sure Adrio and Reggie didn’t get into foul trouble early. Never know when the officials come out calling tight early to set the tone.

That’s my thinking…and it worked. Jackson’s offense was shut down in the second half.

That is very encouraging to me as we face the SEC gauntlet.

I thought the officiating was much better than a typical SEC road game. We will have some nights this year when the officials will take us completely out of our game.