Interesting facts

Malzahn and coach B started same year, 2013 as far as sec coaching. Auburn Sec record during that time is 24 and 15 vs Arkansas 11 and 27. No contest so far. Now if I throw out year one, taking into consideration the stocked cupboard at Auburn vs the dumpster fire at Arkansas things look a bit different. Auburn 17-14 vs Arkansas 11-19. Up until this year and throwing out year 1 ( not fair to stick that year on coach b) the records were Auburn 11-13 vs Arkansas 10-14. Auburn has ranked well ahead of us in recruiting each year. Up until this year and throwing out year 1, coach b was right there with him 1 win difference. And that is with us ranking 8th or lower is sec recruiting rankings. Just found it interesting that coach b was doing as well with way less talent. Now this year auburn is on a roll again and we are pitiful. But I guess I was sorta shocked when I looked at the numbers. Malzahn is not the end all to beat all record wise. Just curious what he would do with less talent supposedly here at Arkansas as we are told. Interesting

Any objective person would come to the conclusion that AU is trending in a much better direction. That’s not to say I want Gus as our next coach… Just stating the facts.

One could say he’s built a nice program and in his 5th year they are rolling. OTOH, Bielema in his 5th year has the worst defense in the SEC and is getting blown out by anybody with a pulse.

My biggest concern with Gus is QB evaluations - Jeremy Johnson, Sean White, Kiel Frazier, etc. When the man has a good QB they are tough to deal with.

Cherry picking numbers can make anyone feel better.

You have to add year 5, whether you count Brets first or not you have to count his 5th.

Auburn is 6-1 in conference and in contention for the play offs.

Arkansas has 1 SEC win, and barely in bowl contention.

I agree with Jackson, the only thing I worry about with Gus is his QBs. The years he’s struggled he has had QB problems, might need to keep Enos around or a great QB coach that works with mobile QBs.

If he comes.

Saban excluded, who has a better SEC record than Gus? I’d like to see those numbers.

I did include this year. And no doubt auburn starts pulling away and trending upward in year 5. I wasn’t cherry picking numbers but what I discovered was not what I expected. This year has been coach B’s downfall. No doubt. And end of last year. But I still wonder with our recruiting if Malzahn would do as well as he’s done at auburn or would it look like years 2,3, and 4. No way to know. Also as a side note he has run the ball about 70% of the time. He’s done well w transfer qb’s. Developing his own recruits at qb doesn’t seem to be a strong suit.

You can compare the middle three years instead of all five if you want, but the win total is not the whole story. We barely beat them three years ago and they have stomped us embarrassingly the last two years. We peaked three years ago and have been trending down ever since. They are trending the other way. Our immediate future does not look encouraging in terms of both lines. We have some skill people returning, just not enough quality or quantity in the line.

Malzahn may not happen but if you are Arkansas and a very successful coach wants to come to be your coach, you got to let him. Hopefully, this time, it will work out better. JMVVVVVVHO

At this point I think it’s moot to compare Beilema to anyone. He’s gone unless we win the next two games & in light of the recent firing of the A.D., I’m not sure he’ll be here if by some miracle we win the next two. It doesn’t matter whether we’re glad he’s gone or upset he’s gone. The almost immutable fact is he’s gone. I like the man tremendously, but they’ll announce his firing no later than Monday after Thanksgiving. Probably before that.

I agree with that. It will be interesting to see what happens as far as a new AD and coach. In fact I wonder how one hires a new coach without an AD. Yes it can be done, but how does new coach put together a staff? How much can I pay coaches? What is my recruiting budget? What length of contract can I dangle to hire top assistants? Seems like any coach would have to know that to begin recruiting coaches, much less players. Stuff like that.

An interim AD would make those decisions or the new AD if selected in time.

The interim AD can’t take a crap without the permission of the PTB. :frowning:

It’s pretty unlikely that they will give the interim AD the juice to make a hiring decision/ negotiate contract details/staff parameters for a new football coach. The chancellor might give her some small discretion, but she would mainly be doing and offering what she was told.

The interesting thing in that situation would be who is pulling the chancellor’s strings. Maybe the insiders can offers some background on his previous involvement with things athletic, but I don’t recall him ever having more than a 40,000 foot view of the athletic department, with Long running the business, making the decisions, and coming to the chancellor with a recommendation.

I also note that buried deep in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock’s article on the Long firing was the tidbit that they are going to form a search committee to help select a new AD. Does not seem to indicate they have some one warming up in the bull pen, which makes it seem very unlikely that a new AD will be on the scene in time to hire anyone before the first of the year.

So either the chancellor is relying on/taking orders from someone(s) else on a new football coach, or we are probably not going to be in a position to hire any one in December.

Saban is 29-3 last 4 years 2013-2016
Gus is 18-14
Dan M 16-14
Hugh freeze 16-16
Mark R ( GA) 23-9 FIRED
butch Jines 14-18 FIRED
Kevin Sumlin 15-17
Jim MC ( Fla) 16-8 2.5 years FIRED
Mark Stoops 8-24

Bret 10-22 I included 2013 but we did trend up until this year. I believe that would change in 2018 because of exp players back and lack of them this year
We can complain all we want but only in years where we have a lot of Jrs and Sr will we be a good team.
Takes time to develop the 3 stars compared to 5 *

Cool, so only Jim Mc and Richt…but not good enough, interesting. Thanks for the post, too lazy today to research it!

So a question for you Mr. Wells. If we win next year (and I agree with you we have 19 returning starters counting Kelley) did CBB leave the cupboard full? If so, who gets credit for the good year, new coach or Bret?

BB if we have a losing season, new coach if we have a winnng season. Lol

Whoever is the coach next year they have a chance to have a pretty good team if they fill a few sports with guys that can contribute immediately.

That’s the answer I expected most to give

Just curious, RD, which spots in your opinion?

Two DTs, two OTs, 2 LBs and a S.